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Marvin Sapp-Christmas Card

November 29, 2013 0

For popular music fans, the soulful lead single “Home for Christmas” featuring R&B crooner Joe is reminiscent of classic contemporary holiday songs by Donny Hathaway or The Whispers.  However, for those who love Christmas standards […]


Holiday Roasts

November 28, 2013 0

Luscious Chicken, Amazing Pork, Beef and Salmon,  All Paired With a Delectable Bounty of Fresh Vegetables and Herbs. Enjoy! by toni tipton-martin Honey-baked hams are ubiquitous, making it difficult to believe there ever was a […]


Kimberly N. Holland, JD – The Female Jerry McGuire

November 25, 2013 4

By Santura Pegram If someone is seeking the finest example of what a truly-disciplined, powerful black woman looks like, they need not overlook Kimberly N. Holland. When it comes to possessing the “juice” to get […]



November 20, 2013 0

By Tamara Natalie Madden I clung firmly to the sides of the hospital bed—enveloped in pain—as my doctor inserted a 7-inch needle through my back and into my kidney. I was having a biopsy, and […]



November 20, 2013 0

Simple advice and tips can make one of the most important rooms in your home – your bedroom – a restful space and a healthy environment. By Robin Wilson Did you know that we spend […]


HBCU Bus Tours

November 20, 2013 0 was created out of For over the twenty eight years they have placed students into historically black colleges and universities, they  realized there was a lack of connection between young adults, high schools […]


Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth

November 20, 2013 0

NY Premiere GALA SCREENING Sat, Dec. 7 @ 8PM –   Cowin Center, Teachers College    Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth is the compelling story of an extraordinary woman’s journey from her birth in a […]


The Magic of Alvin Ailey

November 19, 2013 0

By Anita Kopacz I remember sitting on my mother’s lap enchanted by the illustrious Alvin Ailey dancers. The music, the costumes, the set…the soul. My mother’s constant reminder that black is beautiful, was consummated for […]


Happening Hybrids

November 18, 2013 1

The dictionary defines Carbon Footprint (CFP) |as a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by a single endeavor or through day-to-day activities over a given period. By Maria Ross-Warren I […]


KeKe Palmer

November 18, 2013 0

“I use my platform to share the positive experiences I’ve been through and the knowledge I have acquired,” states actress KeKe Palmer as we delve into the day to day of her successful career. By […]


Balance and Other Fairytales

November 18, 2013 0

Reflections “To hell, to hell with balance!  I want to live only for ecstasy. Small doses, moderate loves, all half-shades, leave me cold. I like extravagance, heat!   I’m neurotic, fiery, dangerous – lava, inflammable, […]


Tips on Essentials for Containing Healthcare Costs

November 11, 2013 0

Wells Fargo Offers Tips on Essentials for Containing Healthcare Costs You may offer employee benefits to attract and retain the talent you need to succeed. But in the current healthcare environment, the cost of group […]


The Best Man Holiday

November 11, 2013 0

Faith finds a way to shine on and off screen in The Best Man Holiday. By: Naja Hill When The Best Man first debuted in 1999, it was a pioneering film that portrayed a group […]


Black Girls Run!

November 6, 2013 0

& Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Black Girls RUN!, a national running organization designed to encourage fitness and healthy living among African-American women, has announced a partnership with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, an […]



November 5, 2013 0

Fall in Love Country Side by Tonya Pendleton It is a small village, as villages go. One main road leading to a picturesque neighborhood of red-tiled rooftops slotted into a rising slope. If you follow […]


Soulful & Stress Free Yoga with Sari

November 2, 2013 0

Sari Leigh of Anacostia Yogi Before I’d ever heard of yoga, I was a shy little 11 y year old girl who loved to dance to Salt-N-Pepa. I would drop  my booty down low and  […]


Resource Guide

November 1, 2013 0

Resource Links:       A AIDS Combat Zone Airline Flight Tracker Airlines (Toll-free Numbers) Alcoholics Anonymous American Diabetes Association American History Major Documents American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Americans United for Separation of Church and State […]

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