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3 Tips To Get Skinny At Work

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According to a study by Career Builder, 41% of Americans will gain weight as a result of their desk jobs. Dr. Lisa Clark’s new guide-book, “Lighten Up America” helps to identify common and correctable causes of weight gains. Dr. Clark offers the following words of advice for those looking to shape up in the office.

  1. Try a standing Desk: A standing desk not only improves posture and core strength, it is also a welcome change to an every day routine.
  2. Separate food from your office social life: Many workplaces link food to employee interaction through events such as as birthdays, client meetings and holidays. Learning to socialize without food can make for healthier and happier employees.
  3. Bring a water bottle: Many people eat throughout the work day not because they are hungry, but because they are bored. Bringing a water bottle to work not only helps with hydration, it also goes a long way towards eliminating cravings.

It is the bane of most women’s existence. As many as 90% of women are plagued by the cottage cheese looking fat cells we call cellulite. And, I think it’s safe to say most, if not all, women would do anything to get rid of it. Even more disturbing is that your chance of developing the unwanted nuisance at some point in your lifetime is almost inevitable. Whether you’re 120 or 320 pounds, cellulite has the ability to latch onto your body like leeches in a creek.

If you are wondering exactly what cellulite is, it’s a lot easier to explain then to remove. Cellulite is formed when your underlying tissue forms pockets of fat that appear lumpy or cottage cheese-like on your thighs, buttock or stomach. It is essentially the enemy, and even the most skilled tabata instructor is no match for it.

In today’s world, outside forces make it 10 times harder to rid yourself completely of cellulite. The average American woman who works at an office job for instance, gets sig- nificantly less physical activity and exercise than a nurse or waitress. Sitting in a chair for about 40 hours per week can wreak havoc on your body, leaving it inactive and creating the perfect breeding ground for plenty of health issues, including cellulite.

Lifestyle can be another contributing factor to cellulite growth. We have found that a poor diet, lack of exercise, and smoking all lead to the development of cellulite. The same way water is essential to life, it is also essential to reducing and preventing cel- lulite. Yet another culprit is environmental toxins. From refined sugars, preservatives and pesticides sneaking into your diet, to the cosmetic chemicals our bodies have been exposed to for years; it is believed all can lead to the development of cellulite.

The good news is that there are ways to eliminate or reduce cellulite. Of course, we recommend a healthy diet with plenty of water as the first plan of attack. But another non-surgical solution is a quick “lunch-time” procedure that we perform at Lexington Plas- tic Surgeons called VelaShape.

VelaShape is a machine that contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and tightening those “problem” areas. It features the elos combination of bi-polar radio fre- quency (RF) and infrared light energy, which penetrates the skin using heat, and stimulates the contraction of collagen and the produc- tion of new collagen which is vital for skin tightening. The elos combo targets and heats the fatty tissues while the vacuum and the specially designed rollers smooth out the skin to allow for precise heat energy distribution.

Most women use VelaShape to treat their thighs, buttocks, love handles, saddlebags, arms, neck and the abdomen. After just the first session most people begin to see gradual improvement in the treatment area, with optimal results being seen in about six weeks after the final session. I recommend to my pa- tients that they do at least six sessions for best results. While the treatment is not perma- nent, it does last for several months and can be repeated or used on different areas of your body as needed, based on your own personal preference, to maintain the smoothness and tightness of your skin.

As with any beauty device or procedure on the market, there are a few potential side effects you should be aware of when getting treated with VelaShape, the most common being bruising, especially if you have delicate or fragile skin. Other side effects can include mild redness, swelling and skin crusting in the areas treated, but these side effects are minimal and occur very infrequently. The procedure is FDA approved and safe when administered by experienced staff, such as the nurses at Lexington Plastic Surgeons.

While the exact science behind preventing and treating cellulite has yet to be discovered, I recommend VelaShape for the busy woman who’s always on the go because of its ease and cost effectiveness. A typical treatment takes about 20 minutes and costs anywhere from $100-$300 depending on how many sites you have done. Of course, everyone’s makeup is unique, and as previously mentioned, the most important thing is to maintain a healthy diet and keep yourself well hydrated. All of our procedures at Lexington Plastic Surgery are designed to enhance your beauty and give you the jump-start you may need to get going. As our mantra goes, “we help you get the look you deserve and always wanted.”

Dr. Lisa Clark currently practices in Destin, FL.

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