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30-day Heart & Soul Self Care Selfie Challenge


“Self Care is the active participation in enhancing the quality of your health.”

-NC State University

image (1)Summer is here and people are scrambling to loose weight and get healthy. Yet, sometimes an entire health overhaul can feel very overwhelming. The secret to maintaining a healthy change in your life is to start small. Do one little thing each day to promote your health in mind, body and soul: Walk the kids to school, take a bubble bath, have a salad for lunch or meditate for five minutes when you wake up.

We here at Heart & Soul know the importance of community and its role in successfully accomplishing almost any goal. It takes a village! As Editor-in-Chief, I am proposing a 30-day Heart & Soul Self Care Selfie Challenge for the month of June. Post one selfie everyday on Intagram or Facebook promoting health in mind, body and soul, then add the hashtag #HSSelfCareSelfie to show that you are doing at least one thing that is good for your health daily. Together we can motivate each other, be accountable for our health and have fun! Feel free to call me out if I skip a day.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s selfies! Who knows, your selfie might be featured on

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  1. im in need of a healthy challenge – I started challenging myself last month to loose weight but I love that this challenge is about the “WHOLE” mind body soul – I think this is the ultimate in creating lifestyle .

    I send my love and I can’t wait to start on June 27

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