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48th Annual National Miss Black America Pageant #WeekendInPhilly, Friday, August 19th & Saturday, August 20th

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In 1968, the Miss Black America Pageant broke the color barrier of the Miss America Pageant forever, by staging the Miss Black America Pageant at the same day and time the Miss America Pageant was in progress at Atlantic City’s Convention Center. Purposely, the Miss Black America Pageant was staged at the Ritz Carlton Hotel which was located directly across the street from where the segregated Miss America Pageant was in progress on September, 17th, 1968.

  1.   Morris Anderson, founder and executive producer of the Miss Black America Pageant and TV Special and Chief Executive Officer of 

Black America Network, (BAN) said, “The Miss Black America Pageant and Enrichment Programs are a necessity for continued progress”.


Anderson stated, “Even now, in 2016, there is an urgent need for the Miss Black America Pageant to address the inequality, unfairness and general inequity that Black Americans endure today” Additionally, the Miss Black America Pageant provides a unique, accessible platform where young women of color express their concerns, perform their talent, share and revel in their diverse beauty and character traits.     


       Anderson stated from his Philadelphia offices, “I am proud to reawaken our communities with a Rebirth and Resurgence of the 

Miss Black America Pageant ”.

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This year’s Miss Black America Pageant Programming is friended by the African American Chamber of Commerce, PA/NJ/ DE and by  Councilman David Oh. It includes a Press Conference and Sisterhood Brunch, Friday, August 19th, 11:00am, Macy’s Center City, 1300 Market St. 

The brunch will include a panel discussion of excellence among women, “Awakening the Giant”


The 48th Annual National Miss Black America Pageant Will Be Staged at Temple University’s Mitten Hall on August 20th, 2016. The Festivities begin at 6:00pm. Get Tickets for the Sisterhood of Miss Black America Brunch and for the “48th Annual National Miss Black America Pageant” at  www.MissBlackAmerica2016.Com


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