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5 Ways to Exude SEXY : from the INSIDE, out

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WHEN-FUNCTION-MEETS-STYLEWith a saturated beauty market, I
could spend ten times my salary, and
THEN SOME, towards the pursuit of
SEXY . There are unlimited options:

by Cora Poage

Facials, hair removal, salon visits, spa treatments, designer
fashions, makeup, fitness club memberships, plastic surgery,et cetera. Most of us who are
not Hollywood Stars don’t have the budget to limitlessly invest in our outer Sexy. Yet,
should we deny ourselves the joy and excitement of looking and feeling AMA ZING??

I say “NO WAY!” I was recently walking around my Park Slope, Brooklyn neighborhood when I noticed that I was receiving a little more, ahem, attention, from passersby than I was used to. At first,
I assumed I had a booger hanging from my nose or toilet paper stuck to my foot. But then I realized what was happening. I felt SEXY on the inside that day. I was inspired and fulfilled from a recent Institute for Integrative Nutrition Conference I had recently attended. I was experiencing PLEASURE and FUN that day in the form of play dates with friends and a pedicure. I was TURNED ON to life.

There is nothing, NOTHING, more Sexy than a man or woman who is TURNED ON to Life.

That is why I am THRILLED to explore 5 ways to EXUDE your Inner Sexy!

01 Write a Love Letter, to YOUR SELF! In Elementary or Junior High, you
wrote these to the guy or gal you were crushing on. Or maybe you have composed one more recently to your Beloved partner in life. Well, NOW it’s time to turn that love and admiration INWARD. Write yourself
a beautiful letter that describes everything you like and love about yourself, inside and out. Self Love and Acceptance equals major Sexy points. Let it flow and watch your Inner AND Outer Sexy GROW!

02 Choose High Vibrational Foods and Drinks. You are what you eat (and drink), right? Most of us would
rather look and feel natural, healthy, light, and organic, rather than processed, fake, junky,
and heavy, right? So stick to THOSE foods and drinks too! Try focusing on foods that are Whole, Natural, and Organic (so in other words, food that doesn’t come in a package or at least contains five or less ingredients that you can understand and pronounce) and you will FEEL the difference on the Inside and Out!

03 Prioritize Pleasure, Fun, and Play. A friend of mine is a Kindergarten teacher, and one day he was making his “To Do List” during Recess. A female student walked up to him and said, “Don’t forget
to add PLAY to your List.” Children understand the incredible health and spiritual benefits
of Play, and we adults need to take note! We could use RECESS also!! Make a Fun List
full of all the Activities that bring you Pleasure and Bliss and start adding them to your day!!
You will Shine with Youthful Exuberance!!

04 One act of Self Care DAILY (at least). Put yourself FIRST by choosing at least ONE activity each day that gives back to YOU. We are releasing Energy all day in support of others and it is so important
to also choose activities that replenish your energy stores. This might be your workout, meditation, journaling, or dancing around your home to your favorite song. What feeds your Body, Mind, and Soul? What rejuvenates YOU? Self-care is NOT selfish and will help you come ALIVE.

05 Be of Sacred Service to the World. NOTHING is more Sexy than a person who feels Purposeful and
Fulfilled through Sacred Service!! And GUESS WHAT?? We can be of Sacred Service in each
moment through staying present and aware to the needs around us. This can be as simple as
opening a door for someone, picking up trash, or even a simple smile at a stranger who seems
down. We are all conduits of Love, Light, and Healing and can choose to be of Sacred Service
everywhere we go. SERVICE IS SEXY!

Exude your Sexy!! Turn yourself ON to Life!! Authentic Sexy starts on the INSIDE!

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