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By Coriann Bright of Bright Living

Coriann Bright
Coriann Bright

“Is your house always perfect?” A logical assumption that most people make upon learning that I am a Professional Organizer and Interior Designer. To which I always answer “Yes, it is perfect for me.”  I have chosen the words of my answer very carefully and filled with intention.  Some people pick up on the “for me” part (which is my master plan) and usually ask for further clarity. Which gives me the perfect set up to explain why I do what I do in the world.

Not too long ago I was sitting on a tour bus in Egypt. It was 4 pm and I had officially been up for 12 hours because our departure time for the Great Pyramids of Giza was at 4 am.  You have to get up that early in order to have private access to one of the Great Wonders of the World. I was traveling with 80 members of the Agape International family and we were given this privilege so we could meditate at dawn in the Kings Chamber. If that sounds unbelievably amazing, it was.  Incredible in all ways, we each experienced a true energetic high that carried us in a cosmic vibration. But then after hours of touring, and shopping madness at an open market in the unforgiving Egyptian heat, my fellow travelers were dropping like flies.  One more stop was scheduled for us at The Oriental Carpet School. While the idea of visiting a carpet school sent most of the group straight back to the hotel, I was anxiously waiting our departure.  As I starred out the window of the tour bus gliding its way through Cairo, I could barely contain my excitement. To me visiting the carpet school seemed almost equal to standing in front of The Sphinx.
As a designer and organizer I am a curator of things. Things are my world. As I have walked on my spiritual journey and have expanded in to Universal Oneness, I have realized that our things are apart of that Oneness.  We are made up of energy, trees are made up of energy and, well, so is a coffee mug. All this energy vibrates at different frequencies. When we encounter an energy that vibrates at our own level or higher we often have a reaction.  Like the feeling you have when you see a gorgeous sunset. When you feel the arms of a loved one around you. When you proudly serve dinner on your grandmother’s wedding china. When you are floating in the warm, aquamarine water of the Red Sea. When you put your hand on the stone walls of a Goddess temple that is 4,000 years old. A full body, magical, heart-centered reaction.
As we go through life interacting with various energetic vibrations, one of the ways we process these experiences is by forming and assigning an Attachment.  Attachments can come in the form of a memory, or a physical item.  Remember that gorgeous sunset? That was your energy vibrating with the vibration of the sky, the clouds, the air, the light reflecting into deep colors or pink and orange. You physically felt this vibration as you became still with awe, or felt a swell of love in your chest for witnessing such beauty. Your mind registered this vibration and programmed an Attachment to that very moment which became a memory. So now when you recall that memory you can once again see the colors, and feel that awe, love, and beauty as if it was happening again right before your eyes.

Attachments formed as apart of our physical world can be related to our things.  Think about a possession you had or have that is very significant to you.  It could be your childhood teddy bear, your wedding ring, your first car, that hand stitched leather ottoman you bargained endlessly for at a bazaar in Cairo. Try to remember what it felt like when you first saw that thing, what it felt like when you held it, played with it, put it on.  Some feeling will register in your body as you remember, perhaps happiness, comfort, love, excitement, desire. You are experiencing the Attachment that was formed when your energy entered the vibrational energy field of that possession.
We experience this with everything we encounter (consciously or unconsciously) and Attachments have varying degrees of strength.  Your Attachment to your wedding ring is probably stronger that your Attachment to a paper clip.  I had to drop “probably” as a disclaimer to any of my fellow divorcees. Obviously, I am also focusing on our positive Attachments, but we can also have negative Attachments when we experience lower energetic vibrations. Simply put, when you see something and it makes you feel sad, angry and/or depressed.

My work is rooted in supporting my fellow humans as they evaluate their Attachments, mostly with their processions. My end goal is to create an environment that is filled with things that foster positive healthy Attachments.  So that when you enter a room it feels amazing because you are surrounded by Attachments emanating high vibrations of energy.  This is dwelling in bliss, something that you and everyone who enters your space can experience. I have a friend who owns a large modern house with a fantastic view of Hollywood, decorated by an extremely talented designer—it is beautiful to the eye. But each time I found myself in his house I sensed that something was off, unsettled, not completely comfortable. The first time he walked into my cozy living room in my humble two-bedroom apartment he took in a breath of relief and said it was “an Oasis.” He was feeling the vibration of being in a room infused with love, with my own unique beauty, with order, with intention, each Attachment in service to wholeness.
So how can you bring this vibration to your own space? It all begins with the practice of evaluating your Attachments.  I call it a practice because it is something that you will need to continue to do in your journey to living more mindful and organized.  As humans we are creatures of comfort and have an instinct to accumulate. Also because, as in all things in life, change is apart of the Attachment process.  Over time for many different reasons the strength of our Attachments to things change.  It is crucial to intentionally evaluate your possessions at least twice a year if you desire to maintain a high vibrational space. The Spring and Fall Equinox are ideal times to tap into the energy of change as we see it reflected around us with the changing of the seasons.
Once you have initiated the practice of evaluating your Attachments, you can then start to become aware of your spacial vibration—the process of becoming a conscious consumer.  Which brings me back to that bus ride to the Oriental Carpet School.  Despite my physical weariness and experiencing a level of heat, where you’re just standing still but sweat pools from the creases of your butt cheeks and constantly runs down the back of your legs…I was nevertheless charged with excitement! We were first lead to the workshop to see how the rugs were made.  It was a large, open, simple, brightly lit room. Along the walls were wood frames with thousands of white threads stretched floor to ceiling. In front of the frames was a wood bench low to the ground. Draped across the threads was a garland of jewel colored silk threads. It reminded me of seeing an artist’s studio with a blank canvas on an easel, the selected paints prepared next to it ready to become a masterpiece.  The same artistry was at play here, only the materials were different.

Our guide gathered us around one of the wood frames to demonstrate the knotting technique that creates each rug.  A young man was seated on the bench working with a single silk thread and a cutting tool. He was a new student to the vocational program and was working on one of the very basic designs, which was a yellow star pattern on a light blue background.  In Egypt it is a unique opportunity to enter into a carpet school. The young men are taught this form of artistry that has been passed on for hundreds of years. They are also able to make a living and provide for their families. Which is a coveted position in a country that is unequally divided by the dynasties of the upper class and the poor.

The young man’s hands blurred at the speed in which he worked with the threads tying one knot at a time.  For the purpose of the tour he slowed down for a moment so that we could see the technique step by step. Our guide asked for a volunteer who wanted to try a knot or two and my hand was in the air before he completed his sentence.  I sat down on the bench next to the young man in front of the thousands of threads. -Take the threads in your hand, use the silk thread to wrap around two of them, pull through, down, and use the tool to cut the thread…all in one motion.  Right.  But there it was. My one knot. Amidst the hundreds of thousands that it will take to complete the rug.

We continued to the back of the room where a giant wooden loom was being operated by one man.  There was no machinery, nothing plugged in, just motion powered by petals that the man commanded with his feet.  This was how they made wool rugs.  Unlike the silk rugs when a rug maker creates a wool rug he does not work off of a pattern.  He uses his own creativity to design the rug as he weaves it—just as a sculptor works with clay to mold a piece of art as it unfolds before him.  I stood in awe as I watched this man move the loom with ease, weaving, pulling, cutting to create a unique masterpiece.  A rug that will truly be one of a kind, a manifestation of beauty and mastery.
Magical words then echoed through the room “It’s time to go to the showroom,” and I was already walking towards the entrance before he completed his sentence. I entered in the showroom with a similar reaction to Charlie when he stepped into The Chocolate Room.  At first, paralyzed with awe, eyes wide, mouth open taking in the colors, textures and patterns that covered the walls and the floor of the massive room.  Then it was a mad dash to touch, discover, unfold, as many rugs as I could in our remaining time.  Aww the designer’s hunt…this familiar feeling where I am swept away, when I feel like I am levitating here and there, in search for the pieces that call out to me.  The process, the analyzing, the bargaining… the Attachments. It was so hard to determine which ones would be coming home with me, but the whole experience filled me with such excitement and joy, my energy vibrating so high!  And the crucial ingredient to feeling this and forming this Attachment to these things…was witnessing their origin.
The value of the rugs were no longer monetary, but in the energy I saw put into every knot, every thread, every motion, that goes into making them.  Looking into the young man’s eyes and smiling at each other as he showed me his craft. Knowing that each rug was a unique creative expression of one human being, made to be exchanged with another human being to cherish.  Knowing the origin, the story, the energy behind things that are created in this world is what makes us conscious consumers.
Creating a home is a very personal experience.  Yet we are inundated with design shows and celebrity home spreads that create an ideal of what the “perfect” “trendy” “classic” home should look like.  Setting the bar to what can seem like unattainable heights, leaving many with the feeling that they are always in-complete. I have seen so many transactions occur from a place of being in-complete, from a place of “I got this just because_______” Fill in the blank…it was on sale, someone gave it to me, needed to fill a space, etc.  To really step into creating the “perfect” home for you, start looking at creating your space…not just filling your it.
When you curate your space item by item… with mindfulness around your  Attachments. With the intention of being a conscious consumer. With an open heart. When you let pieces come to you from a place of vibrational attraction and connect with the energy of each possession…you infuse your home with a higher energy. You can then dwell in a Brighter place of love, joy, order, beauty, and peace.

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