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By Caroline Gibbs


Growing up an introverted child I loved expressing myself artistically, but once I reached my twenties it all changed. I went dark and was diagnosed with generalized anxiety. I had problems facing the world with confidence so instead I isolated myself and lived in fear.  I knew inside that I could be more. I watched and was inspired by my mother who had to face the world everyday while at work and my father who was out of work but still faced the world to find and get work. There was no reason for me to be afraid so I made a commitment to building my confidence. I watched a lot of OPRAH, read self-development books, blogs, meeting and talking to new people etc. It was a challenge for me and remains a challenge for me to speak to those who I perceive as knowledgeable, have the ability to express themselves, and create their own desires. They have the confidence at their core. And If I want to make an impact my confidence level had to align with my own desires. Let me tell you, putting yourself out there is not an easy task because it opens the gate for criticism and judgment from others. But on the flip side, it can also open the gates for positive feedback from others. I do know that if I express to the world who I AM it will naturally resonate with the right people.
Be Inspired Brand wants YOU to feel appreciated for who you are. Wearing words of inspiration such as LOVE MATTERS, LIVE COURAGEOUSLY, EMBRACE LIFE and YOU ARE ENOUGH makes you feel good, gives positive vibes and can positively resonate or impact  anybody you may come in contact with. These words of inspiration continue to be my foundation for confidence.

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