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Beautiful Me—Inside and Out

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By Alyssa Stafford

Women are constantly trying to find the balance between inner and outer beauty. How do we become our best self? It starts with the basics: feeling comfortable in your own skin. Beautiful Me is an all-natural skin care line designed specifically for women to “love the me they see”.


Beautiful Me was born out of Cynthia Fedrick’s kitchen as she sought out a formula she could trust to heal her daughter’s symptoms of eczema. The first body butter was created in 2008 and after years of development, Cynthia has perfected the three steps to the Beautiful Me Trio: REFINE body soap, RENEW body scrub, and RESTORE body butter. Today, Beautiful Me proudly holds a Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association.

Each product in the trio is packaged with a message, inspiring women to refine their lives, renew their love for life, and restore their self-confidence. The products don’t aim to alter our appearance in any way. Rather, the cleanser, scrub and butter help develop and maintain healthy, soft skin that makes a woman feel good. There’s nothing more beautiful than that!

As the company grew, Cynthia reached out to actress and songwriter Sharon Leal about becoming the spokeswoman for Beautiful Me. Drawn toward products that yield natural results, Sharon loved the Beautiful Me trio. But what really connected her to the brand was its dedication to empowering women. She took their connection one step farther and signed on as a partner to the company.


Beautiful Me is run on a “not just for profit” business model, meaning it dedicates revenue and resources for workshops with girls and women to build character and confidence.  Because the Beautiful Me line fosters both inner and outer beauty, it is steadily gaining momentum as a movement for women to “love the me they see.”

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