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Bold Bald & Beautiful

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by Ms. Jimmie Sanders

Alopecia Areata

What is it? Who gets it? Is it fatal? Is there a cure? What causes it or how do you get it?

  A follicular malfunction caused by the attack of one’s immune system.  From Areata, Totalis, Universalis to Auto Immunity. One could simply experience bald spots and patches. Lose their entire head of Hair or be born without any at all.  It does not discriminate! Millions of Children, Women and Men experience Alopecia Areata no matter the age or the color.  Alopecia Areata is not fatal to the person but can be to the self -esteem. There is no “Cure” for Alopecia Areata however with a strict diet and regime some have been known to have a reversible form or grow some hair back. There are very few OTC (over the counter) methods as well as injections but there are no guarantees. Most come to experience Alopecia Areata due to high levels of stress, antibiotics and for many women after childbirth.  It is hereditary and if you have relatives who experience any level of Alopecia chances are high that you will to. 


My 20 year battle with Alopecia Areata has brought me to a point as a Hair Stylist to go beyond the trend when it comes to my clients Hair care. I am constantly encouraging a healthy diet and searching for the best quality products to promote a healthy scalp and environment for their hair. I started a non-profit organization strictly for the purpose of helping those unsung, voiceless and ashamed Alopecians. I want them to know they’re NOT ALONE!  They’re fearfully and wonderfully made and that this is not the end it’s only the beginning. We at (BBB) will help build self- esteem, HBJSS will emphasize and accentuate the external while walking with them as they find their purpose. So with confidence they are able help someone else, with their testimony, become Bold Bald & Beautiful.

Bold Bald & Beautiful, INC.

P.O. Box 494824, Garland, Texas 75049-4824


Support Line: 469-267-5123


Aids Health Foundation

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  1. The senior queen who represents my daughters high school lost all her hair at the age of 7. I was glad to see her accept it and move on to become a very popular and smart young lady.

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