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#BreakinFree with Adrienne Galloway at “Your Passport To Wellness” Health Pavilion

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Celebrity Fitness and Wellness Coach Adrienne Galloway is a motivator, educator, trainer, and   she has over 23 years in the industry inspiring and motivating men and women of all ages.  Known as “AG” and for her healthy living, Adrienne has traveled across the world providing physical fitness and wellness advice which includes private and focused training for celebrities, military physical training, corporate team fitness, and individual training.

AG brings diversity, age, and experience to fitness and wellness.  Her mission is to educate and train people regarding physical health and wellness.  AG recently launched the “AG’s No Excuse Zone”, an exclusive Live Virtual Training program that takes the excuse out of healthy living and fitness.  She actively creates alternative fitness programs and corporate wellness incentive plans to meet the needs of individuals and groups that desires to stay fit.   She takes a no-nonsense approach to training and her client’s get results! She believes age should not be a hindrance to good physical health.

AG has established and maintained many affiliations and partnerships with celebrities and organizations such as NBA Star Kurt Thomas, Washington Redskins & Arizona Rattlers  Arena football Muhammad Oliver, R&B Singer Syleena Johnson, Pat Smith(wife of  former Cowboys, Emmitt Smith),  and fitness guru Donna Richardson, just to name a few.  AG is an enrichment partner with Heart & Soul Magazine and is actively involved in many community events.

Adrienne also was a team fitness specialist for ‘Sweating in the Spirit & Body Gospel’ with fitness Guru Donna Richardson. Ran in one of the most Prestigious relay in the world to become the first African-American team to run 199 miles in 32 hours “Team Witness to Fitness” with Donna Richardson-Joyner

Her fitness cookbook, ‘You Can Eat This’, is all about fitness and having fun with food. Her “Live Virtual Training” has all the benefits of in-person fitness training without the drawbacks of having to physically leave your home, office or hotel (tips; nutrition, wellness coaching, Live onDemand, & more) are currently on the horizon.

Adrienne’s topic; “Breakin’ Free to Wellness” will allow you to break the chains of life.  Our thoughts and emotions transmit an invisible power that can often negatively impact our mental and physical well-being.  It is vital to love yourself and love yourself abundantly. It’s time to break free and enjoy this one life you have to live. Renew your Mind, Body and Spirit.  Let Go!

#BreakinFree #BreakinFree2Wellness  #BreakinTheChainsofLife

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