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BUTI Yoga – Let The Rhythm Move You

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Tribal beauty woman with makeupAccording to instructor, Paige MacKenzie, Buti Yoga fuses yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics. So it accomplishes everything you need in a balanced workout, plus a mind and spirit endorphin rush as well! Do you ever feel torn between your desire to attend Yoga, Cardio Dance, and Boot Camp classes? Do you desire long toned muscles, supple joints and chiseled abs? How about achieving all that with a fun, sexy, sweat-dripping dance party? Well, Buti Yoga might just be the answer to your workout prayers! Physically, it quickly transforms and tones the body. Buti trains the core using the Spiral Structure technique, created by Founder Bizzie Gold. This technique transforms the way the body looks and performs almost instantly. Many students notice a change in their abdominal structure even during their first class. Beyond Buti Yoga’s physical benefits, many women find it to be a deeply healing practice that helps them connect to their inner power and self-love. The Marathi word Buti means, “the cure to something hidden or kept secret,” and Buti focuses on spiraling movements aimed at unlocking the Shakti Spiral, as well as releasing the hips, to help energy flow freely in the first and second chakras. This increases circulation of energy that supports more efficient metabolism, vitality, confidence and overall wellness– transforming lives from the inside-out. By Paige MacKenzie

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