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Settle Money Management Before Marriage

December 10, 2014 0

By Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post It’s hard enough managing one’s own money, but navigating through financial issues with another person can be even more frustrating. I often get questions about marriage and money during […]


Reading fights summer learning loss

June 24, 2011 1

I’m grateful and humble that my daughters enjoy reading. However, there are times when I fear the computer and other technology might be hampering  their interest in reading. Since I’m a teacher and since it’s […]


Ms. Mom: Determined to Enjoy Every Stage

May 6, 2011 2

I was scrubbing black nail polish off my 11-year-old’s fingernails when it occurred to me that parenting has its joys at every age. Turns out she had polished her fingernails just before bed time and, […]


Lovestruck: Remembering What Really Matters

April 28, 2011 1

This morning my eyes were transfixed on CNN videos from yesterday’s devastating tornadoes throughout the south. I didn’t have a sigh of relief that my family in Atlanta was not hit. I had a reality […]


Enjoying life just because….

March 28, 2011 3

I was driving my 11-year-old home from school the other day when she asked if I would let her out so she could run the last four blocks. It was a cool spring day as […]


No wimpy parenting, Part 2

February 24, 2011 3

Recently at my school,  I sat in on a round table about privacy.  It was an opportunity for teens to voice their views on the meaning of privacy and whether the government has usurped too […]


Study habits take work

January 28, 2011 2

Go study. Just study. All you need to do is study. Good grades don’t just happen, you have to study. If I had a dime for every time I uttered some version of those words […]


Lovestruck: Grandmom Knows Best

January 27, 2011 1

When my friend and power publicist Jenea Robinson wrote about her grandparents’ 60 year marriage on Facebook, I was intrigued and asked for details. Here she shares how her their marriage impacts her family – […]

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