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Israel set to send natural gas to Europe

August 11, 2020 0

Israel and Europe will proceed with a natural gas pipeline that will carry Israeli gas to European customers, after the Israeli government ratified the agreement. Partner countries Greece and Cyprus have already approved the project. […]

From nursery rhymes to a multi-million-dollar enterprise

August 11, 2020 0

Encantos Media Studios, a children’s education company and a multicultural trove of free resources, interactive books and educational activities inspired by Latino nursery rhymes, was recognized as one of 19 media start-ups that top venture […]

Famed painting had tech help

August 6, 2020 0

A small painting hidden away in England for more than a century that was thought to be a copy of Spanish artist Diego Velazquez’s “Las Meninas” masterpiece was not only painted by him but also […]

Autos drive US manufacturing in June

August 6, 2020 0

The U.S. Department of Commerce delivered some good news as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on the economy. Factory orders for U.S.-made goods increased 6.2 percent in June, the U.S. Department of Commerce said Tuesday, […]

Congress grills tech execs on private messages

August 3, 2020 0

The antitrust suit against Microsoft more than two decades ago should have been a warning to today’s tech giants. The chief executives of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google came under fire Wednesday for their alleged […]

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