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Is it an Emergency?

April 30, 2015 0

Get the right help by knowing when to seek urgent and emergency care. Many people go to the emergency room (ER) when they’re sick. But sometimes it’s better to see your primary care provider (PCP) […]


Mindfulness and Healthy Aging

April 29, 2015 0

By Dawn Bazarko, DNP, MPH, RN& Certified Mindfulness Facilitator Founder, Moment Health, UnitedHealth Group Aging is one of the few guarantees in life. As we age, our bodies and our minds change in many important […]


Medication, Food & Drugs In Pregnancy

March 9, 2015 0

By Dr. Sharon K. Is it OK to drink coffee during pregnancy? How about eating hot dogs? A can of green beans sounds safe, right? Keep reading and I can tell you a little about […]


Resource Guide

November 1, 2013 0

Resource Links:       A AIDS Combat Zone Airline Flight Tracker Airlines (Toll-free Numbers) Alcoholics Anonymous American Diabetes Association American History Major Documents American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Americans United for Separation of Church and State […]


The birds, the bees…and credit?

August 30, 2013 0

Aspirations The birds, the bees…and credit?    By Michelle Thornhill Turning 18 opens up a world of opportunity for your children. How well informed they are about new opportunities can make all the difference in […]


Historically Black Colleges and Universities

August 28, 2012 0

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have in the past and continue to produce an exceptional number of African-American leaders. Although HBCUs represent only 3 percent of the nation’s universities, they produce 23.6 percent of […]

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