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NYC's High Maternal Deaths Defy Usual Explanations

April 15, 2011 1

NEW YORK CITY (WOMENSENEWS)–A single question wakens Dr. William M. Callaghan in the middle of the night. Why is pregnancy so much more dangerous for U.S. black women? Callaghan is acting chief of the maternal […]

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Better Belly Challenge: What's for Breakfast?

April 5, 2011 1

A better belly starts with breakfast, so eat. Try some oatmeal, heavy on the fruit, easy on the sugar, or poached eggs with salsa and some vegetables leftover from Sunday dinner. Drive away from the […]


Affirming words can go a long way

March 14, 2011 1

Clean your room. Study. Go to bed. Cut the drama. Hurry up. Why’d you get a C on that test? Clean your room. Study. Go to bed. Cut the drama. Hurry up. Why’d you get […]


Racial Stress Impacts Pregnancy for Black Women

March 4, 2011 2

Black women remain significantly more likely to lose a baby in the first year of life than white women across education, wealth and other factors. And the alarming fact remains a  medical mystery. The Seattle […]



February 28, 2011 1

> AIDS: Chauncey from Charreah Jackson on Vimeo. Name: Chauncey Age: 28 Occupation: Consultant / Poet / Social Entrepreneur Why I Get Tested: I get tested to know my status and to ensure that I […]

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The Benefits of Kissing

February 22, 2011 2

Tilt your head, close your eyes and pucker up—now for more reasons you should buss that someone special: Kissing keeps you young. Or, at the very least, young looking. Studies show that amorous folks use 30 […]


Nursing Tales

January 30, 2011 3

When 20-year-old Alicia Lewis-Howard delivered her first child at Harlem Hospital two years ago, she planned to breastfeed—but only for one month. “It’s going to be painful,” her aunt and others told her. But the […]

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Top Slumber Tips

January 20, 2011 1

Trouble sleeping? Here’s what the experts suggest: Establish a routine: Go to bed and wake up at regular times every day—even on weekends, suggests Anandhi Murugan, M.D., a sleep medicine specialist at the University of Texas Health Science […]

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