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Chef Ahki To Host 3-Day Detox Retreat In December 

Just in time for Thanksgiving, celebrity chef (Lenny KravitzLee Daniels Jr., COMMON and Waka Flocka), natural food activist and nutritional counselor, Chef Ahki releases today her highly anticipated book, The Fibroid Elimination Recipe Guide. Chef Ahki takes on the mission to help women who suffer from uterine fibroids with delicious healthy foods.

Approximately 75-80% of women will develop fibroidsStudies show that fibroids usually grow in women between the ages of 20-50. Chef Ahki shares in her “no nonsense” instructional manual recipes that have shrunk and in some instances, completely eliminated uterine fibroids in as little as 40 days.

Chef Ahki has partnered with Fertility Coach Gessie Thompson, Dr. Amun, and Dr. Amsu of HBFE (Hope Beyond Fibroid Elimination) to bring a complete/comprehensive, new, and improved 90-Day Hope Beyond Fibroid Elimination Program. The program was developed to ensure a deeper level of support and resources for women suffering with fibroids and other sexual reproduction diseases in the body. Join all Wednesday, November 30th at 5pm for a live tele-seminar (which will include a Q&A) with food activist, Chef Ahki and HBFE Co-Founders Doctors: Dr. Amun, Dr. Amsu and Fertility Coach Gessie Thompson.

Chef Ahki came to prominence when, one by one she began saving the lives of her many clients who were battling everything from gastro intestinal illnesses to diabetes to obesity. Her delightful culinary meals are not just medicinal or for the health conscious; it’s delicious food meant to be enjoyed by the entire family as well.
The Fibroid Elimination Recipe Guide is available for purchase as a paperback or eBook on Chef Ahki’s website, The culinary artist will be hosting an intimate 3-Day Detox Retreat on Dec. 16th – Dec. 18th in Atlanta, GA. The event is geared toward detoxing the mind, body and spirit. Space is limited. To reserve a spot go to Facebook Events. 
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