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Dr. Estrelita Bruce and ZOEALIFE

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Heart & Soul Enrichment Partner, Dr. Estrelita Bruce is the Founder and CEO of Zoea (meaning: Abundant) Life Inc. where you can “Discover a new you.” Established in 2009, the company provides comprehensive counseling, life coaching, and consulting services to individuals and organizations seeking restoration and wholeness in Christ. Dr. Bruce is a Christian Counselor, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, and specializes in Emotional Trauma Recovery for adult women. Dr. Bruce’s personal triumphs over emotional trauma have led her to discover purpose in helping others transform their challenges into opportunities for wholeness and healing.


As a Heart and Soul Enrichment Partner for the Steve Harvey Expo, she will be sharing inspirational messages on “What to Do, When Life Breaks You” and “How to Live Your Best Soul Life.”  Additionally, she will be teaching individuals in her Break Out Session a mini step-by-step process from The Zoea Life System which focuses on helping individuals process fragmented (broken) moments in their life, leading them to “Discover a new you,” and embracing the Zoea (Abundant) Life!


Dr. Bruce’s intimate and transparent approach is equally effective in one-on-one, group, or large conference settings. Her spirit of excellence and passion for purpose has led to become highly demanded at colleges, organizations, conferences, business symposiums, churches, and women’s ministries. Dr. Bruce resides in Dallas, TX with her amazing husband, Brian and beautiful daughter, Kori.

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