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Dr. Terry Mason, Chief Operating Officer at Cook County Department of Public Health and host of “A Doctor in the House” every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. on radio station WVON 1690 AM.

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  1. Dr. Terry Mason thank you so much, you help me change my eating. I was told by God a year ago to stop eating meat, i stop pork in 1988. but just stop beef 8 month and fish 6 month. Working on chicken and turkey which i cut down to sunday was such issue, but when i saw forks over knives on net flex, i bought the video.I relized why God was telling me to stop eating meat.In 2006 at age 51 I joined kingdom running club, it threw my church Living Word Christian Center.they teach on giving up surgar and all white flour, problem.Am 61 now in 2 month i be 62. I told God i want to be running marathon when am in my ninity. He started showing me people running in there 90 and one lady 101. So i changed my to 100 also. Am on a mission to help other people stay out of hospitals and nursing homes for illiness,am a agency school nurse in Chicago Public School.I been nurse for 26 years and its sad that our people are entering the nursing home at an alarming numbers younger 35-45-55 with diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis,etc. We have a job to do to save lifes.I started Kingdom Minded coaching. and Nurses on run. and i tell evarybody to look you up and also watch forks over knives. Thank to you and the other DOCTOR COMING FORWARD.BE BLESSED.Evanglist,Teacher of Gospel Movational Speaker:Louise Sprawls

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