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Here’s 3 juicy reasons to eat with the seasons and get your body back into its natural cycles:


01. Natural Rhythm
Our bodies are connected with earth’s natural rhythms. Eating with the seasons is a simple yet powerful way to help us to get our own internal rhythms back on track.
Spring foods such as delicate leafy greens are uplifting and detoxifying, which is exactly what we need this time of year to flush our systems of winter accumulations and re-emerge from the heavy energy of winter.
We can maintain our internal rhythm by being aware of these seasonal shifts in our bodies’ needs and adjusting our eating habits to reflect them. As we’ve all experienced, life is a lot easier when we go with the flow rather than work against it.

02. Sensual Pleasure
If you have ever taken a bite of a freshly picked luscious ruby red strawberry exploding with flavor in your mouth, you know what I’m talkin’ about when I say this is a very sensual experience.
Seasonal and locally grown foods are so much more flavorful and sensually satisfying because they are allowed to fully develop and ripen before they are picked.

03. Your Health
The rich flavor of seasonal and locally grown foods means it has greater nutritional value, so it’s healthier for you.  Plus, when we incorporate more of these foods into our diet, we need to eat less to feel satiated, so we tend to consume fewer calories.
Here are some sumptuous spring fruits & vegetables and one of my favorite spring salads to try:
Spring Foods: juicy ruby red strawberries, uplifting swiss chard, arugula, spinach, perky green asparagus, crunchy sweet fennel, snow peas, aromatic basil, mint, rhubarb, and radish.

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