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Maria I. Melendez
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Maria I. Melendez
Maria I. Melendez

Maria I. Melendez  launched Embrace Her Legacy in 2012. Since then Maria has transformed the brand from a women’s network to a company that offers media, events, programs, coaching and community to inspire, empower and impact the legacies of women and girls all over the world. She has executed dozens of events, tailored programs and brand partnerships created to empower women and girls to lead purpose driven lives, including launching Embrace Her Legacy’s Annual Day of the Girl Conference and executive producing a riveting web series titled “The UnMasked Effect.” Maria diligently leads the company to become a premier media brand to empower women to discover their purpose and achieve their legacy under her framework. “Embrace Her Legacy is about drawing out and helping give birth to the gift’s that have already been placed inside of us so we can use those gifts to serve our purpose, create a powerful legacy and impact the lives of others. I use my personal story of overcoming challenge to discover and now live my purpose to help others birth their own gifts and vision. I do that by coaching, motivating and educating my audience through a 4-part process of ultimately Embracing Her Legacy which is to unmask your truth, discover your purpose, birth your vision and live your legacy,” she says.

EMBRACE HER LEGACY propels women and girls to live in their purpose with passion and define the legacy they will leave behind. We evoke feminine confidence through engaging media developed to educate and inspire, tailored events and educational programs, motivational speaking engagements, coaching opportunities and uplifting community efforts. Our efforts are all coincided under our framework of helping women embrace their limitless legacy in a process that includes: UnMasking Your Truth, Discovering Your Purpose, Birthing Your Vision and Living Your Limitless Legacy.

Take-the-limitsBook-CoverTake the Limits Off Your Legacy: A Woman’s Guide to Unlock Purpose & Vision was created to evoke confidence in women and girls to embrace the power in their story and live a limitless legacy. It’s a journey of becoming who you have been called to be to honor what you have been called to do to so that you can fearlessly unlock the limitless opportunities of your life’s purpose and vision. Maria provides several keys to remove the limits off not only your mind but also the vision you have for your life and the power of God which will ultimately take the limits off of your legacy. Her narrative and framework provokes readers to strive for a lasting impact on the lives of others by boldly deciding to birth their dreams. Incorporating a sincere account of transformation, Maria uses her story of conquering several personal challenges as the foundation to provide a guide to inspire women and girls all over the world to confidently live out their dreams and embrace a limitless future. Maria shares effective tools to empower you to honor your story, conquer fears and self-doubt, discover your purpose, give birth to your vision, and live a limitless legacy to create an optimal life with confidence, poise and intention!

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WHAT IS “THE MADE TO SUCCEED” ACADEMYEmbrce-Legacy2015-05-27-16.19

Offered under the Embrace Her Legacy framework, The Made to

Succeed Academy is a curriculum based program offered to high

schools, collegiate institutions and organizations focused on the

empowerment of young women. The curriculum is a learning

series focused on the overall well-being, empowerment,

personal development and professional success of young women

and can be offered as a multi-level course with targeted

discussion workshops, education series, book discussions* or

keynote motivational speeches.


Our goal is to empower our young women to become whole

young women with a positive self-worth and self-image while

also creating a framework for young women to lead purpose

driven lives and live in their legacy. The overall style of the

course is empowering, impactful and engaging. Maria

eloquently uses her unique style of transparency, wit, expertise

and warm-spirit while providing a framework and takeaway

which students can effectively apply to their overall personal

development, self-esteem and professional success to

successfully lead purpose-driven lives.

CURRICULUM TOPICS* Made-To-Succeed_flyer-600x422

*Topics are subject to change and may be modified as needed.

• Developing a High Self-Worth & Healthy Self-Confidence

• The Power of Your Story

• Living Your Limitless Legacy

• Turning Your Mess Into a Message

• Self-Confidence in a Social Media World

• Embracing and Defining Individual Beauty

• The Power of Positive Thinking

• The Art of Goal-Getting to Achieve Your Vision

Developing a Winning Circle of Influence

• Conquering FEAR (The False Evidences Appearing Real)

How to Develop a Winning Attitude

How to Give Birth to Your Dreams

• Vision Board Workshops

• Living a Purpose-Driven Life

• Playing to Win in The Workplace

• Real Talk About the Success Journey

• UnMasking Your Truth

Individuality & Overcoming Peer Pressure

• Personal Mission

Who I Am and What Matters to Me

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