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“When it comes to trainers, Nicole Chaplin starts with the soul then works back to the physical.”
~Wyclef Jean, Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist

Life is a contact sport. It goes without saying that one must play to win. To do so, one must possess the courage to face and traverse the various obstacles that are certain to come. That very courage is dependent on both stamina and tenacity to reach the finish line. But the key component that powers the engine is motivation. And successful certified Master Trainer/ motivational speaker/ author Nicole Chaplin has developed her own unique equation that effectively harnesses the infinite power of motivation to achieve ultimate fitness goals in her dynamic new book, YES MAM! Your Muscle As A Motivator. Utilizing the same tenets and techniques that have yielded astonishing results for her celebrity and general clientele alike, Chaplin has managed to craft her remarkable body kinetics ingenuity into a 10-point manual that emphasizes mind over matter in the highest degree.

Nicole Chaplin
Nicole Chaplin

YES MAM! Your Muscle As A Motivator was cultivated from Chaplin’s wondrous journey, including various fitness and spiritual epiphanies collected from journal notes. The book centers around 10 principles correlating to the muscle groups coupled with positive messages which include: M.A.M Muscle & Motivation, The Derriere Balancing the Ego, The Rhythm of the Heart, Biceps Flex Your Muscles, The Quads The Fantastic Four, Take the Weight off Your Shoulders, ABS Standing by Your Morals, Rock Hard Abs + Firm Lower Back = Balanced Core, Pump out the Plan, Calves Often Overlooked but Vital. Available for Nook, Kindle, and in paperback, the book also highlights one of Chaplin’s more specialized areas of focus: the crux of motivation.

“Before you accomplish something on the outside, you have to find out how strong you are on the inside. What makes me different from other trainers is that I want to know who you are from within. I’ve had people who have achieved all kinds of amazing results. But what makes it all work is when I can understand what moves your soul and drives you as a human being.”

Chaplin is a Master Trainer, certified in boxing, TRX, kickboxing, group exercise, and kettle bells. In 2010, she developed a relationship with FitnessRX for Women magazine which resulted in Chaplin starring in a popular eight-month series of online fitness videos where she instructed on various fitness methods. In 2012, after developing a rapport with Oxygen Magazine – the nation’s leading fitness magazine for women – she was featured eight times as a model. Chaplin’s recent guest feature on ABC’s Good Morning America brilliantly showcased her magnetic on-screen presence and television appeal. With a go hard or go home attitude that champions building inner strength, Chaplin is well aware that working up a sweat to achieve maximum physical results requires more than simply physical stamina. It requires supreme dedication to the practice of venturing beyond the valley of vanity and tapping into the depths of one’s soul.

“If your goal is simply to look good, anybody can go to the MAC counter and get fake eyelashes or to Tom Ford and get a suit. But when the clothes and the eyelashes come off, what are we left with? My type of motivation has lasting results, because it’s based on your insides.”

With a client roster that includes athletes, celebrities, and everyday people, Chaplin is set to take personal training to the next level with her patented focus on the body, mind, and soul.


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