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Three years ago, we started a powerful movement that is pumping new life into Father’s Day and this year we have two celebrity dads as our ambassadors assisting us; Grammy-nominated Raheem DeVaughn and Baltimore Ravens’ Kyle Arrington.  Fit Fathers Day calls for dads to get off the couch, away from the T.V. and bad food choices to enjoy a few hours of fitness, and fun with their family.


What started as a free fitness celebration in the Downtown Silver Spring, will now include smaller pilot events in 10 other cities including Atlanta,  Oakland, Apex, NC and Houston to help spread the message across the country.  Our nonprofit aims to make healthier communities starting with the men that lead them.

The leading cause of death for males remains heart disease (CDC).  What better time to tackle men’s health issues than during Father’s Day, when the focus is on men.  The month of June is National Men’s Health Month and Fit Fathers would love to engage with dads on the topic of health in a fresh new way.

Our founder Kimatni Rawlins is a wellness expert and coach who focuses on nutritional and fitness alternatives to reach men and their families.  He is a vegan-powered father of two young girls, whom he cooks for and works out with regularly.  His healthy motto is  “lead by example, so your child becomes the example,” and that’s how he lives. – Tom would love him:)

Visit, to learn much more about the movement and events (June 19 in Silver Spring).


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  1. Wow…this is empowering!! Men bounding with one another without their wives (finance’s or girlfriend), beer, fast food, and watching sports. My husband would love to participate in the fit day if your stopping in Chicago. Black men need to know THEY MATTER TOO! They should not only be looked at as working dads bring home the check but men exploited to care out loud about how they feel and look. AMAZING!!!

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