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These days, everyone is counting calories or carbs and (whether we use it or not) has a membership to a gym. These healthy moves are being made because we are more aware of our physical well being. But when it comes to well being of our bodies, there is another piece to the puzzle. In today’s society, being health conscious, physically fit and able to defend yourself is a must!

BY Sensei Beverly Bradley


For instance, how many of us are aware of our surroundings? How many of us practice avoiding negative situations? If put to the test, how many of us could defend ourselves…or our loved ones? You’ve been there, walking to your car at night when you see some odd individual lurking… Are you sure what to do next? Or an attacker actually approaches you… Do you know how to respond?

I’m Sensei Beverly Bradley, the founder of “Underground Physique”, a Fitness and Self-Defense Organization in Brooklyn. I have a Black-Belt in Tae Kwon Do and it is very important to me to spread the knowledge of defending oneself.  Taking a self-defense class is helpful, but are you strong enough to actually fight off an attacker?

One way to prepare yourself is to build and maintain physical strength and endurance. Working out is essential! Maintaining an exercise routine is beneficial for strengthening muscles, boosting energy and increasing stamina – all the things needed to equip you in protecting yourself. There’s a 5-minute exercise routine you can do at home that will do wonders for increasing your overall health. First a warm-up to prepare the body. Start with 25 jumping jacks to get your blood flowing while strengthening arms, abs and leg muscles. Do a full body stretch afterwards to prevent injury. Now it’s time to get stronger! We want to increase the power of our kicks! Let’s start with 25 squats. No attacker’s knees, ribs or thighs can handle kicks from strong legs! Be sure to keep knees behind toes to perform squats accurately and prevent injury. After that, get in 10 Burpees. Burpees are excellent for building speed and endurance. They also increase full body strength.

You may need more than a kick when dealing with attackers. We were all taught to “knee him/her in the groin area”. Yes, this definitely works. But sometimes just one knee wont do…you want to be able to knee someone multiple times if necessary. That’s why ab work is so important. Strong abs enable you to lift the knee over and over and over again! Pull out your mat or towel and add 50 crunches to the previous exercises. You are on your way to a stronger you! Turn over from those crunches and knock out 10 push-ups. Now your arms are ready to push those criminals away!

These are simple but powerful exercises that can enable you to endure what may be the fight of your life. You can do these exercises at home 3-5 times a week, whether its first thing in the morning, or at night before you go to bed. You are guaranteed to feel empowered. Be sure to take a self-defense course to teach you how to be aware, avoid negative situations and, if needed, show you how to physically apply your newfound strength!

5-Minute Workout

25 Jumping Jacks Full Arms

Make sure your hands clap!

Stretch Full Body.

25 Squats Legs a bit wider than shoulder width apart. Knees behind toes. 

10 Burpees Squat, touch hands to floor, kick legs back, bringing body into a plank, bring them back and jump up in air.

50 Crunches Lying on back, hands behind head, chin up toward ceiling raise shoulders off floor and back down.

10 Push-Ups Prone position, hands on floor, palms down a little wider than shoulder width, feet together. Push body weight up then lower back down. You can modify this by resting on your knees and still push upper body up with hands in same position.

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