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What is GoNAKid? is a BLOG-A MOVEMENT-that provides a safe space platform that allow others to share and release their gifts, aspirations, life dreams, issues that restrict their personal/professional goals and personal stories. encourages its audience to be free, courageous and live an authentic life true to self.

Why did you create this blog?

I created because I am a communicator. I enjoy the process of writing and journaling, which is a form of therapy for me. When LIFE challenges appear, I personally need to be able to process through writing and/or conversing with my support system. Over the years, I have learned that we carry a lot of baggage from one experience to the next. It is healthier for me to be able to identify the variable that makes me feel unbalanced and face my fears directly. Through this process, I have learned that each day that I wake-up, I have the opportunity to start a new. I wanted to provide the same opportunity to others. Complete strangers will start talking to me as if we have been friends for years. I believe that there is a need for this platform to encourage truth, honesty and healing. is AVAILABLE…

How do you feel that the African American community approaches mental health?

It is no secret that we as African Americans fail to address our mental health issues overall. But, on a very basic level, taking care of ourselves is not a priority. We are a strong people and have endured deep-rooted pain that we will never overcome coupled with day-to-day life of work, family and life. We get up everyday and show-up in life until we break. What I do know for sure is taking care of us is a choice; sometimes a choice that we need to be reminded and not allow ourselves to be broken down. I am certainly no expert on mental illness, however, it is important for each of us to have a personal survival plan. If that means at the end of the day you take just 15 minutes to sit still and connect to your higher power, pray, check-in with your professional therapist, it will serve you well. We have to take care of ourselves before we grow sick and weary. Which is one of the reasons I created You have the opportunity to release what is eating at you internally and discover a new identity while helping others.

How have people responded to your blog?            

Responses have been INCREDIBLE…it has been CONFIRMED that is needed and appreciated. I have more congratulatory comments than stories on most days. People are excited at the opportunity of telling their story. Initially, some start out telling their story and feeling like they have the process under control soon to find out that this experience is harder than they thought. But, when the final piece of emotional work is ready to be published, it is a clear precise moment of freedom! While out working, shopping and/or running errands, people literally start telling me their story and I have to request that they reduce it to writing and send to me. Complete strangers will start talking to me as if we have been friends for years and once I tell them that is available for them to release their story, began to heal and perhaps help others, it is PURE JOY!!I

What has been the most memorable story thus far?

My most memorable story thus far I would have to say there are two…”From Hooker to Hero” and “It Is Such A Rarity…Love At Its Purest”

From Hooker to Hero, this story is AMAZING for so many reasons; there are so many life lessons and the one take away that readers should receive is no matter what you do in your life, it is NEVER TOO LATE to change your life. But again, there are many life lessons in this story. Love At Its Purest…was absolutely refreshing and made me want to fall in love again. This story was close to me for lots of reasons but the main reason is that I LOVED how the author appreciates and loves how her husband loves her. There are so many stories where couples are failing at this thing called LOVE and to read the passion and depth of LOVE was personally inspiring. I feel everyone should read that story and realize that LOVE is an action. And, it is my goal to promote LOVE in every way. GoNAKid!

How do you get your content?

Thus far, I received stories from friends, family and individuals that I have met. I live, eat and sleep I market GoNAKid by wearing t-shirts and request friends to do the same; this generates lots of conversation especially in a high traffic atmosphere. Most importantly, there is no set number on my target audience because the one common denominator is that we all have a STORY. This is a platform that is available to EVERYONE. The only requests are to be willing to share and share honestly.

What has been the most difficult thing you had to overcome?

The most difficult situation I’ve had to overcome was divorce. Divorce was tough and I can honestly say I believe my hands ache to this day because of the amount of journaling I did. Initially, I was emotionally broken down. Once I was able to stand-up and pull it together, I had a support system that carried me when I couldn’t carry myself, I sought professional help, I stayed close to my pastor and his wife. My friends kept me cognitive that the pain will pass, reminded me of my worth and that I needed to take care of myself.

Where would you like to see your blog in the next few years?

I would love to have millions of followers and contributors. It is my goal to transition into a book format and on the big screen! I am excited at the opportunity to live out loud and encourage others to do the same. There are so many expressions of life that I wish to share with the world and I am grateful with every opportunity to do so.

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  1. Lisa you are beautiful inside and out I am proud of you. It takes a lot to do what you have done. We all need an outlet and a sounding board. I’m sure you have helped so many people. I too have a story that I would like to share and you have just made me feel that it is ok I don’t have to carry this alone. Thank you my sista you are a true blessing please keep up the good work

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