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Heart & Soul Digital Edition May-June 2017

Michael Bernard Beckwith on the cover of Heart & Soul May-June 2017
Michael Bernard Beckwith on the cover of Heart & Soul May-June 2017

Can you feel it? The energy is palpable. Women are remembering their divine purpose and standing up for each other around the globe. But where do men stand in all of this movement? Our cover this month, Michael Bernard Beckwith, so eloquently describes how our men counterparts can be allies as we rise.

The Goddess Rising is an energy that can no longer be contained. “Women supporting women” has become the norm. The stakes are high and we can no longer afford to pull each other down. Men are hopping on the bandwagon as well. In this issue of Heart & Soul, we see how thought leaders like Russell Simmons, Emmet Dennis and Tobias Truvillion are supporting women in this pivotal phase in history.

Heart & Soul is dedicated to whole body health: Mind, Body and Soul. Our stories “Overcoming Burnout” and “No Place Like Ohm” will give you tips on how to incorporate breathing and movement to relieve stress in your life.

This issue is chock-full of stories to inform and inspire our readers to make their own meaningful contributions in life. The Goddess Rising can only be successful if we do it together. Alone we are one drop, but together we are a tsunami!

I humbly offer you these jewels from my heart and soul,

Anita Kopacz

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