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Heart & Soul March-April 2017 Digital Edition

Latham Thomas- The Glow Game GoddessOn he Cover of  Heart & Soul
Latham Thomas- The Glow Game GoddessOn he Cover of Heart & Soul March-April 2017

am an elder… A wise woman… A wild woman. I have cried, I have laughed, I have screamed in pleasure and in pain. As women, we have given birth to everyone… We have nourished everyone, but the time has come to nourish our dreams and desires. The world needs our compassion and empowering leadership.

The hundreds of peaceful women’s marches around the globe are evidence of this transformation. Millions of women are standing up for their rights and the rights of others. Our cover model, Latham Thomas- The Glow Game Goddess, is a catalyst in this movement. She is a holistic lifestyle maven, birth coach, wellness champion and Oprah hand-picked her as one of the SuperSoul 100 Leaders. We are honored to have her grace our Women’s History Month cover.

In order for us to stand up as leaders, we must be healthy in mind, body and soul. This issue is dedicated to Heart Health. Did you know that orgasms are a heart health life hack? This issue is chock-full of heart healthy tips from sodium intake reduction to Yoga and workout moves. We explore heart health in pregnancy and share some vegan recipes that will make your heart smile.

We here at Heart & Soul are taking a stand for women’s health. We know that you must be healthy and happy from the inside out in order for you to take a stand in your own life. We are in this together.

I humbly offer you these jewels from my heart and soul,


Anita Kopacz

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