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Holiday Parties Made Simple

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by DJ. C. DeVone

DJ, Producer, Foodie  and Founder of the Perfect Eat

What brings life to a party. Music, food and a great cocktail. During this holiday season, DJ C. DeVone shares simple tips for fabulous holiday celebration and parties. Which can help with anything from your family gathering to your New Years Eve plans!


Playlist are essential to a great party and gathering. As a DJ, I create the tone and atmosphere of the an event or party.

In your home or party, you can create playlist or what we call in the DJ world “crates” on various outlets like SoundCloud and Mixcloud. On these platforms, you can find your favorite or locals DJs have playlist to fit your taste or vibe.

Spotify has many charts and playlist that can be combined to create your party. For instance, as a DJ we may start with a vibe and gradually build up a party.  And your playlist should be the same.

An example during family time: mid tempo jazz, Frank Sinatra, to fun oldie classics to 90s hip hop to current tune to get your family of mixer generations singing and dancing.

Music Tips and Ideas:

1. Build the party list a prior to your event, and have the list progress with the party.  Example: softer songs that build to party favorites. Special tip: have backup list if something is not working like a slower party or more active party list if people arrive earlier.

2. Ask friends and family for favorite songs or artist in your RSVP (this can later be used for naming food and games)

 3. Trivia: Something, I recently saw at HavPlenty Brunch in NYC was musical bingo. Have guest play with bingo cards throughout the event with songs on the playlist, as they hear a song they will fill in the cards for a prize. Simple and easy to print!

4. Have a quality speaker or borrow from a friend

Bonus: ask your favorite DJ for a playlist and see if they will create for a fee. 


I love any themes and musical themes from classics, oldies and old school hiphop. So I came up with some holiday inspired cocktails that are great for your Christmas or New Years!

Potential Names for Drinks

All I Want for Christmas Sangria

#ISlay Ride Martini

Black Beatle Jingle Brew


1. Come up with creative names for your drinks
2. Have something that makes things stand out, if you decide to go with traditional cocktails you can still make things stand out with fun garnishes. Example: coffee ice, egg nog pops, champagne popsicles.
3. Create at least one specialty cocktail


Food is one of my favorite parts of any event, party and gathering. During the holidays, food is a major component. The most simple thing can turn your traditional food into cool, festive and unique dishes or appetizers. I personally like to have fun starters at an event and keep the other items traditional for guest that do not like to try outside the box or if kids are going to be in attendance.


1. Presentation– you can turn dishes into something fabulous with the right presentation. Mason jar, ribbons, festive plates, and even hanging clips can make things look amazing. 
2. Bite-size – people love to snack, so it may be a great idea to make things that are tiny. Example – mac and cheese bites,  stuffing/dressing bites etc.
3. Garnishes – as mention in the presentation, its important for things to look enticing.  Spruce up items with garnishes such as cranberries, rosemary, cinnamon, candy canes and marshmallows.


About DJ C.DeVone

Combining her style, music, personality and love for events has brought life to DJ C.DeVone.  The DJ, Producer and Fashionista Crystal DeVone better known, as DJ C. DeVone has been highlighted by numerous life and beauty blogs, such as Yahoo Beauty, Nylon Magazine, Bravo, Ammo, Magazine and quoted as one of the “Best Dressed DJ” on Fox News.

The New York native has been linked to Google, Youtube, WeTV, Beautycon, Bravo’s Blood Sweat and Heels, L’Oreal, Neiman Marcus, H&M to name a few.  DJ C. DeVone’s clear devotion and desire to constantly learn has garnered the attention of industry heavy-weights and has led her to high-profile gigs spinning at the Essence Festival in New Orleans and opening up for Adele, Funkmaster Flex, Clinton Sparks, SWV, and Janelle Monae.

Her love for music stemmed at a young age and heightened when she was accepted to the High School of Music & Art (Laguardia HS). It was there that she perfected her ballet, modern, hip-hop, and African dance skills, and truly adopted her eclectic taste in music. She then headed off to Washington, DC to attend Howard University, where she earned a degree in Radio, Television, and Film. Upon returning to New York City, DJ C. DeVone quickly immersed herself back in to the music scene singing, dancing and writing songs. She spent her day-time working on high-profile events as an Event Planner across the US, China and London and spent her nights surrounded by music at open mics, recording demos, and running the doors at New York City’s elite nightclubs. Being constantly surrounded by music and events she observed the reactions on the dance floor, her desire to take DJing seriously was finely tuned. She suddenly found herself as a student of the craft, studying alongside the best DJs in New York and bringing events to life!

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