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When tragedy destroys everything you’ve built, how do you find the strength to go on?

That’s the question at the center of Hope Blooms, Jamie Pope’s deeply emotional new novel of survival, healing and the power of love.  With a sensual romance between two people of different races and an all-too timely plotline involving the aftermath of a school shooting, Hope Blooms is also a very relevant and contemporary story.

It’s been months since a shooter walked into the school where Casandra Miller worked and destroyed everything she ever cared about. Plagued with grief and guilt, she doesn’t want to think about tomorrow and she doesn’t want anyone’s help. The last thing she wants is a man from her past to walk into her present…

Wylie Everett has always loved Cassandra, but he walked out of her life without a word of explanation ten years ago. He always thought that as a poor kid from a troubled home, he’d never be good enough for her. And he’s never stopped regretting that decision. Now, home from war and bearing his own emotional scars, the rugged marine is determined to make amends and hopefully make up for lost time. But their rekindled passion will be tested by pain he’s never resolved. Can he and Cass find one last way to move forward, and risk rebuilding their lives…together?

In addition to being an award-winning romance author, Jamie Pope is also a schoolteacher. On the day of the Sandy Hook School shooting, Jamie was teaching elementary school in a neighboring district. Her memories of that day compelled her to write this story about how one woman heals after such a tragedy. For more info on Jamie Pope and Hope Blooms, visit



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