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The Importance of a Healthy Scalp

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black hair media logoBy Alisia Wilborn, Black Hair Media

Do you do everything to care for your hair, but see little to no difference in length? Have you tried everything in the book from slathering your hair with mayonnaise and eggs to paying an arm and a leg for expensive products that claim to increase growth, but still see no results? You’re not experiencing much breakage, no excessive shedding, and your hair FEELS and LOOKS fine, but it just doesn’t seem to be gaining any length. You know your hair CAN grow longer, but something is hindering it – something you just can’t quite put your finger on. In this case, the first place you should look for clues is your scalp. Is it dry? greasy? flaky? Any of these can be a sign of either simply a need for a change in your hair regimen, diet or a medical issue.

Think of your hair as trees, grass, or flowers and your scalp as the soil. If the soil isn’t cared for, the plants can not flourish. If you don’t take time to ensure that you have a healthy scalp, how can you expect to have long, healthy hair? You can’t. Many spend an endless amount of time on their hair to get it to grow long, but they neglect their scalp which then leads to time wasted. Before you embark on a long hair journey, you must first get to the source.

First, look at your scalp and how your hair behaves. Is your scalp dry and flaky, but your hair greasy? Or are both your hair AND scalp dry? Is your scalp greasy, but your hair dry? Or are they both greasy?

Dry Scalp

A dry, flaky scalp accompanied by dry hair can be your body’s way of telling you that it is in dire need of nutrients.   In order to combat this, it is recommended that you drink more water and supplement your diet with foods rich in zinc, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and B complex vitamins.

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