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Keep up with your self-care

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By Jill Goldsberry


As you prepare traveling with your girls to warmer regions, always remember to keep up with your self-care! Diet and excersize are often pushed to the side on vacation, leaving us feeling bloated and regretful when we return home. Gather your girls and commit to a routine before you set off on your travels!

Jennifer Lopez and a slew of hollywood beauties have relied on Gunnar Peterson’s method while traveling. The top celebrity fitness trainer and athlete took some time to give us the skinny on his latest project with Hyatt Regency Hotels. His new Fit & Fuel pairings are designed to to give busy travelers the best workout and the best meal plans while they travel.

Each meal plan goes with a different workout. If you want to tone and strength train or focus on cardio there is a corresponding meal to fuel that particular workout.

We tapped Gunnar for some tips on getting your best body when traveling


One flattening out the belly  “Watch diary, sugars and carbs.”


Getting a Jlo Booty and legs  “Jennifer did a lot of squats and she is active. She stays active outside of the   workout.”


On shedding it fast like Khloe did  “You have to be dedicated and consistent.”


Here’s a sampling of what fit & fuel parings are available.

Fit & Fuel Pairings  (each group is done in order 4 x)

Workout #1-Strength intensive:  

Warm-up – 10 minutes of your choice of movement drills (march in place, body weight squats, etc.)

Repeat each move in THIS ORDER 4x

Jump rope x 50 jumps

Bodyweight squats x 25

Reverse crunches x 25

Push-ups x 20 – Break it down until you get 20 every time through!

Bed dips x10-20

Burpee with jump x 5

Dumbbell bent over rows x 10-12

Dumbbell curls x 12-20

Dumbbell raises x 15-20

Workout #1 Pairing:

Chicken Sausage Shakshuka Apple chicken sausage with tomato sauce with onions, red peppers, and cumin and poached eggs; side pita with zatar

Wide(er) grip push-ups x10

1 minute jog in place

Supermans x10

Jill Goldsberry @beautygazette

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