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Latoyia Dennis had what most people considered the American Dream. She graduated high school, attended college and obtained a Master’s degree.She married the love of her life, had a beautiful baby boy and built a high-powered corporate career. Over the years, she achieved great success in her career, including negotiating and executing strategic partnerships for schools and non-profit organizations with some of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands. However, as she continued to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder, she discovered that many of the mothers she encountered didn’t feel like they had the right resources or exposure to be effective parents.

These repeated encounters ignited a passion in Latoyia to empower mothers all over the world and build a network to provide resources, opportunities and inspiration for women. Thus, The Motivated Mom was created, which consists of a blog, website ( and a nation-wide tour featuring celebrity, corporate and influential moms, all with one mission – to help women find and live their true passions.

Recognizing that the economic stress and pressure of providing for a family financially is one of the main obstacles that keep women stagnant, Latoyia Dennis is teaching women how to monetize their passions and make a living using the gifts and talents that bring them joy, peace and happiness. “I help moms create strategies to successfully live a healthy life of purpose, in abundance. I help women to become financially free by offering motivational, inspirational, and educational content that allows them to fund their dreams and be great women and extraordinary moms without compromising their family life,” said Dennis.  “In addition to the tour, we will offer an influencer network, coaching classes and online tutorials.”

The Motivated Moms Tour kicked off in Houston, Tx during the Super Bowl, and will make stops in Detroit, Atlanta, Newark and Los Angeles in 2017.

Speakers for the event include: Jonnetta Patton, mom of eight-time GRAMMY®-winner singer/songwriter Usher; Michele Thornton, senior vice president at BET Centric and author of Stratechic: Life and Career Winning Strategies for Women; Elayna Fernandez, author, speaker and founder of and many more.


The Motivated Moms Tour is powered by Prudential, along with other corporate partners including The Coca-Cola Company and Hilton Worldwide, who understand the importance of empowering women. “The work Latoyia Dennis is conducting to empower and educate women to be their best is inspiring, and closely aligned to Prudential’s goals to empower women to plan for a solid financial future,” said Dorinda Walker, Prudential vice president.

Tickets for the Motivated Moms Tour can be purchased at   Use code MM for a discount.

To learn more about The Motivated Mom, visit or contact Latoyia Dennis at Follow @LaToyiaDennis on Instagram/Twitter.

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