People Helping Each Other

Lil’ Mo whips her Body, Mind, & Spirit Into Shape!

People Helping Each Other

She’s back! Looking Mo Fabulous & Mo Fit Than ever! 

Lil’ Mo whips her Body, Mind, & Spirit Into Shape!

The songstress and “R&B Divas LA” star sits down in an exclusive interview,where she talks about her new healthier and fit lifestyle and her

commitment to her family, career, and music! Interview by London Cole.

I’m here at the home of Lil’ Mo in her beautiful, spacious Maryland mansion, which is quite busy on this early Saturday morning. Her loving family of seven children and her partner, a professional boxer named Karl Dargan, AKA “Dynamite,” accompanies me. 

Surrounded by her loving family, the Superwoman, queen, and R&B diva looks unbelievably gorgeous and confident while prepping what

appears to be a light and healthy Sunday brunch at her home. Her skin radiates with a healthy glow from within, and she looks active

and fit wearing a Bebe’ Sport Bodysuit that hugs her every curve nicely—her body is flawless. In this interview, Mo shares how she

maintains her incredibly fit figure as well as how she balances family, career, and healthy living.

Lil’ Mo, congrats on the new reality show, R&B Divas LA! What’s it 

like working on the show? Thanks! I honestly enjoy working with the entire cast and crew on the show. I am really proud to see all of my R&B soul sisters balancing their personal lives and music careers while striving toward ambitious goals.

How exactly do you balance your personal life, kids, and 

professional career? I begin each day with a light meditation to help me focus and prioritize my day. I always put my health and family before anything else; this helps me balance. Without my health and wellness, I am no good to myself or anyone else. My passion for expressing myself through music has always been the driving force behind my career. I’ve learned to look for

the signs that alert me that I’m spending too much time away from home. At times, when I’m overwhelmed by work, I have 

to stop what I am doing to reflect, regroup, and reconnect with family. 

What do you actually do for fitness? Because you look amazing! 

Thanks! I’ve been exercising a lot lately, and it feels great. To make fitness a part of my daily routine, I like to mix things up. Some days, I enjoy outdoor activities, like biking or hill climbing. On other days, I train at the local boxing club, where I practice boxing two times a week with my trainer, Dynamite who is a professional boxer by trade. His knowledge and proficiency in the sport motivates me to train harder. By adding boxing to my fitness routine, I am able to sculpt and define a stronger and more toned physique.

What keeps you motivated to stay fit? Every day, I wake up blessed! My children, my partner, and my family are my first priorities. Staying

physically fit and active helps me keep up with my family and the demands of my growing career. Fitness gives me the courage to conquer my most challenging endeavors. If there was ever someone whose philosophy I share, it’s Dynamite’s.

Although he’s a skilled boxer, he doesn’t just train to win fights in the ring; he actually trains for the payoff that benefits a stronger mind, body, and spirit. With his help, I’ve proven to myself that I am stronger and more powerful than what I feel or believe.

Do you follow any specific diet programs or take any diet supplements to help you maintain your beautiful hourglass 

figure? Yes, I do. I actually follow an organic juice-cleansing program once a month. My dietitian prepares the natural detoxing aide for my weight control. Juicing helps keep me healthy while keeping my waistline nice and trim. I’m a foodie—I just love food. I enjoy pasta, bread, and all sweets things—but I practice moderation and also control my food portions. I usually don’t 

take any diet supplements. However, my body type is naturally hourglass curvy, and I like to maintain it with the all-natural 

Moriche Palm Diet ( It’s the only diet I use to maintain my figure.

I’m sorry to learn that your mother was recently diagnosed with diabetes. How did that impact your family? One’s health should

never be taken for granted. When my mother was diagnosed with diabetes, it really hurt all of us, but it gave me the courage to choose a different path. My mother has since recovered, and her health is stable, but I don’t want any one of us in our family to see each other suffer with health issues. I have learned that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I focus on prevention by making my family’s health and wellness a priority. I surround my home with nutritious foods and healthy drinks that my family can enjoy. I also make fitness a family affair. My partner, my kids, and I all share the same workout facility at home—working out as a family helps us encourage each other to maintain an active lifestyle. I truly feel that my mother’s illness was a great disadvantage that drove me toward the path of healthier living.

I heard that you recently partnered up with the premium beverage company Hydro ONE ( to 

promote their all-natural gluten-free energy drinks. Please explain what influenced your partnership with Hydro ONE. 

I support Hydro ONE’s mission to transform lives through better nutrition. Their nutrient-rich gluten-free energy beverages and flavored waters all taste great and support a healthier lifestyle. They’re perfect for sustaining energy and stamina—and they are great for the entire family. When I was younger, I relied upon soda pops, colas, and soft drinks to give me that boost I needed throughout the day; I didn’t realize until later how much sugar they contained and how addictive they were. Because I didn’t want my family suffer from poor nutrition, I gave them access to healthier foods and beverages around the home. I teamed up with Hydro ONE to introduce a line of vitamin-infused energy drinks and flavored waters, and I feel proud to give my family the good stuff that’s also good for them, and that’s all that matters to Mo!

Lil’ Mo is America’s R&B Superwoman; she’s taking charge of her health, family, and blossoming career, looking more fit and 

fabulous than ever! Mo will be starring in season 2 of the reality series “R&B Divas LA”, which airs on TV One! Her new album entitled “The Scarlett Letter” drops this fall!


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