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Finally the sweltering heat is lifting as we prepare for one of my favorite times of year, Autumn. A fall face is all about harmonizing with accessories. Think gorgeous jewelry, stylish hats, statement scarves, tailored fall coats and your favorite boots. There doesn’t tend to be a lot of skin showing, so it’s as if fall style conspires to put your face on front street. Well, I’m going to put you on to the latest makeup trends and give you some ideas for how to sashay down Front Street with your head held high!

First things first. As the weather cools, it is time to start emphasizing moisture, morning and night. Lips in particular can become chapped by increased winds. Make sure you keep on hand your Risha Rox homemade lip butter (from last month’s issue) or a balm of your choice. Also, as always, it is vital to begin with a clean and clear complexion. Feel free to reincorporate your favorite founda- tion because fall air is very makeup friendly.


Nude lips, both matte and glossy, are all the rage this fall and of course nude is as variable as our skin tones are. This means that finding the right nude for you is just as important as wearing the right founda- tion color. There is a very fine balance to be found. If your nude is too dark – well, you’re just wearing brown lipstick. If it’s too light, you run the risk of looking like Tyrone Big- gums’ corpse bride. The perfect nude should also have the right tone for your skin and lips, warm, cool or pinky.

TIP 01 Unless you know your perfect nude shade already, make sure you stop by a makeup counter or makeup store that allows you to try out the lipsticks. Make use of the complimentary sterilizing agents and experiment away! If you are not too confident in your ability to choose, don’t be shy about asking for a professional’s help!

TIP 02 If you have uneven pigmentation on your lips, this can really ruin the nude look. Using a base of concealer and setting it, before you apply your lipstick or gloss can really work wonders and create the perfect nude look!


A really fun trend for the bold at heart are small but dramatic pops of metallic makeup. Metallics come in every color you can imagine and will really spice your look up. Try to limit it to one area though as it can be overwhelming. The more the color contrasts against your skin tone, the better!

INSPIRATION: A thick glittery line above your eye in an otherwise nude face, a concentrated dot of shimmering powder at the inner corner of your eyes, a molten smear in the center of your nude lips, a creamy metallic pencil drawn tight or blurry along your waterline.


Super structured winged eyes are all the rage this season. A classic black cat is always classy, but feel free to spread your wings and expand your horizons. Play with the shape of the wing, by making it longer or thicker or blockier than usual. You can also use any color you can dream of from electric blue to emerald green and more! This look is won- derfully paired with a nude lip.

HOW TO: The best way to get dramatic, winged eyes are a combination of a confident hand, an angled brush and a pot of cream
or gel liner. My absolute favorite liner is by Inglot, with their drool worthy colors and a reasonable price point.

HINT: Don’t feel you have to get the entire line in one stroke. A great trick is to put dots along key places and simply connect the dots, then fill with color.

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