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No Place Like Ohm: ALL PULL NO PUSH

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By Synthche Franchella

I often speak to my yoga students about the role of pain and how it can inform our practice.  Pain is actually an excellent teacher.  It’s our body’s warning signal that something is not ok.  It’s the flashing lights or better yet, the red flag.  Pain often encourages a detour.  Not just on our mats, but in our lives.  All of these experiences are “right”.  We are all exactly where we need to be.  AND (not but!)  I wonder…what if there is a way to move forward, beyond, upward- or whatever direction we feel we must move toward without pain.  What if there was no push, just pull?  What if we just knew and moved in the direction that was loving to us without pain.  Is that possible? Yes, it is. Pain doesn’t always have to be our GPS.  As women, we can tap into that power. You know…that “thing” within all of us.  There is no recipe for a life without challenges, but there is a recipe for managing what comes our way. We can enable  an increase in the frequency of our experiences of being pulled in the direction we need to go in, as opposed to being pushed out of situations and circumstances that no longer serve us.   

I recently decided to leave my career after 15 years.   My goal is to open a full service wellness center.  I have no clue what I’m doing.  The idea of working for myself will negate my pension, my familiar bi-weekly paycheck and everything that working a job brings forth.  I’ve chosen to close that door and now live my passion, which is to teach yoga and help the world get better one asana (yoga pose) at time.  Am I scared?? You bet!! Terrified actually.

I ask myself often, is this the smartest choice? For me, YES! Why? I feel the pull.  I feel it in my belly, deep in my soul that this is what I need to do.  As women we must learn to renew our trust with our gut.  How often is our “gut feeling” wrong? Trust it.  Listen to it.  When we tap into that part of ourselves regularly, we move from push to pull.  This doesn’t mean easy, but when we face challenges there will also be a knowing that are guided by an inner unexplainable knowing, empowering us to ride the wave with a grounded assurance that in time, the season will change.


Meditate. If you are an experienced meditator, then as you were.  If meditation is new to you, simply begin by just being still for three minutes. Try to focus on the inhale and exhale of your breath.  If and when your mind starts to wander, just go back to the breath.

Stay Active. Yoga. Kickboxing. Walk. Do whatever  you need to do to move your body at least twice a week.

Journal. Writing our dreams, visions, questions, wonderings, allows us to visually see it on paper and therefore provides clarity and answers with a clear mind.

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