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Princess Planet – A Princess For Everyone

People Helping Each Other

Help us promote princess characters with diverse hair textures, skin tones and cultural backgrounds.

  1. Help us decrease children’s insecurities and give all children the option to see themselves in the “princess” content they already love.
  2. The imagery will immerse children into the characters, and the content will both educate and amuse. Our book and clothing lines are something children and parents will equally love.
  3. We offer a different spin on what it means to be a princess, by giving our children an alternative view on a princess’ image and values.
    With the success of our book and clothing lines Princess Planet plans to launch multiple forms of affordable entertainment and toys to positively affect your children’s cultural and educational development.
  4. We offer a whole line of culturally diverse characters that will just continue to grow.
  5. We launch with 16 original characters from all over the world, created by authentic woman from each region. We plan to add new characters and stories annually with your support.

Why this is important

The current market does not do enough to show the world’s diversity or even the United States’ diversity in their products. If this doesn’t end, children will continue to grow up disparaging their skin, hair and features, and will in turn lack confidence. Princess Planet helps to increase cultural pride, inner beauty and self-worth. This is also a great way to explore other cultures and teach acceptance.

See this Buzz Feed report on popular princess characters. To get a better understanding of the lack of diversity in characters from leading brands.



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