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Resolve to Eat Well on Weeknights With These 8 Recipes

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Whether you are a pro in the kitchen or can barely muster up boiling water, it’s possible to eat well at home on weeknights. These recipes are simple, because no one has time for complications when dinner needs to get on the table on a hectic Wednesday. The ingredient lists aren’t terribly long or foreign; everything can be easily found in most grocery stores, so you won’t spend all day tracking them down. The meals are whole and nutritious, because eating well is about putting (mostly) the right things in your body. They’re also delicious, because eating well isn’t only about the calorie count.

This year, resolve to put the frozen dinners back in the supermarket freezers. Resolve to eat fresh foods most nights. Resolve to cook at home.

1. Thai Chicken, Zucchini, and Tomato Curry

Many curries involve a lot of prep work: Chopping a lot of vegetables, layering spices, lining up cooking times. This one from Food & Wine, though, utilizes jarred Thai Curry Paste, available in most international aisles at most grocery stores, and the only vegetable you need to chop is zucchini (using cherry tomatoes here means they go in whole). In the 15 – 20 minutes it takes to cook rice, the curry is complete!

People Helping Each Other
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