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The concept of beauty seems to change every few years, and even more quickly, as the Internet

and Social Media cause trends to grow rabidly viral. For many women, particularly those

of color, it seems like we are always on the wrong side of the media’s latest trend.

However, we all know that in real life, the gorgeousness of rich hues, full lips and decadent curves is undeniable. The point is, there are very few set rules, so make your own trends! Personally, I am partial to shining (read, oily) skin, uni-brows and a smile that reveals a nice gap!

So dear readers, fling off the fads! True beauty is timeless and cannot be bound by the limitations, ethnocentrism or misogyny of the moment. The keyword here is timeless. Timelessness is an ineffable quality, yet we all know it when we see it. It has nothing to do with extreme femininity; there are too many examples of androgynous beauty. It has nothing to do with a particular body type; there are examples of every shape somewhere in the public’s consciousness of beauty. It transcends trends, as a timeless look is difficult to pin to one era or another.

Here are some tips to develop your own trends in pursuit of a personal iconic look, undeniable and timeless:


I am fairly certain that humankind’s first concept of beauty developed from the awe inspiring gorgeousness of the planet around us. The variations, colors and shapes that can be found in nature are mind blowing, to say the least. So, if you want to blow minds and turn heads, what better river of inspiration to drink from than Mother Earth’s?

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Let your imagination roam free! Look through current as well as old photographs, videos and films. As they say, there is nothing new under the sun, but any look can be personalized and updated. The more genuinely inspired you are, the more authentic your personal style will be. Be creative!

INSIDER TIP Sometimes, to achieve high glamour and extreme looks, a heavier hand is needed. An industry favorite for sleek celluloid and amazing avant garde looks is MAC Cosmetics. Originally produced for professional makeup artists, MAC was so wildly popular, that they began to also make their super high quality products available to the layman. MAC Cosmetics are popular with all makeup enthusiasts, but especially those who are bold of hand and grand of vision! Ever innovative, MAC Cosmetics consistently produces new lines with fresh inspirations, as well as maintaining fan favorites.


More than any other factor, the path to timeless beauty is paved with authenticity. Brick by brick, we fortify ourselves as we learn and accept ourselves, inside and out. When we do the inner work, there is absolutely no physical limitation that can stop us! You can’t go wrong when you’re being your genuine self and that, dear readers, is timeless beauty.

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