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By Erica Annise


In her personal memoir, Lost and Found, Sarah Jakes, daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, opens her heart and describes the life she wanted, the life she lead, and the moment she realized she wasn’t living her best life. She speaks on how she survived a public pregnancy at age 13 as well as her divorce. Sarah reveals how she got through these trials and became healthy and fit in the process. You are sure to be inspired by her courage and dedication to living her best life. She hopes her tale will motivate you to begin your own process of self-healing.

What was the turning point in your life in terms of
getting healthy?

It was right in the middle of going through my divorce process. I really had to start the hard work of evaluating myself. We get married and we all envision spending a lifetime with someone, and for whatever reason, that comes to an end. You have to really learn who you are. So I decided to distract myself with myself. I created a list, an “ATTACK THAT!” list, while going through this process. Being healthy became important. I knew I wasn’t treating my body right and I needed to take ownership of that.

What advice can you give H&S readers to make a change in their own lives? 

I think we know. If we are constantly eating fried foods, we know. I think we think we have time but the reality is, everything affects your body as you go along with life. So while you have the chance, before you have any health issues or problems, it’s best to gain control of your health.


How do you create peace in your heart and soul?

I think that peace doesn’t just come. I have said many times, ‘I just can’t wait until I can have peace.’ But peace doesn’t come like that. I realize having peace is a conscious decision that you must make. As I focused on the root of some of my life issues, I realized that some issues take more out of you than you think and can stress you out. When I started evaluating and addressing the areas where I saw me keeping peace away, I had to let some friendships go in order to create peace within my life. So some people weren’t happy with my decision, but I needed to do what was best for me in order to become a better, healthier, whole person.

How were you inspired to write your book?

I was doing a blog and people kept asking me why I was being so transparent. But it was what was going on in my life at the time and it didn’t seem too transparent to me. All that I was doing was putting my emotions in writing. So for me writing Lost and Found was an opportunity to give readers a real transparent and deeper view into my life’s struggles and triumphs.


What do you want readers to take away from your book?

The three things I want readers to take-away from my book are that: I faced the hurt, I learned from the hurt, and I grew through my scars.

As a single mom how are you incorporating your lifestyle changes with your family?

Well, I didn’t change their eating habits all at once. I believe that some of the joys of being a child lie in the variety of great things to eat, so their diet has not been overhauled like mine. But they do see me demonstrating becoming healthy. Our dinner meals are the same but for lunch and on weekends I allow them to have ice cream and other kid-friendly foods. They are well aware of the changes Mommy is going through to become healthier. We go on walks as a family and play in the yard in order to teach them that being active and healthy can be a fun way of life.

What does the future hold for Sarah?

I have a lot of unique opportunities in life that I never knew would have opened up for me through writing this book. I never thought a blog would become a book and that a book would be the beginning of putting me, the real me, out there. I am in uncharted territory, but I cannot fail because I have already exceeded what I thought was possible for myself. I do know that whatever I decide to do, whether in television, film or more writing, that I will continue to be transparent and be a gateway to lead people back to God.

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