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SAY YEAH-the 3rd single from ANGELA JOHNSON

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 the 3rd single from ANGELA JOHNSON’s critically acclaimed “NATURALLY ME” album.  “Say Yeah”  written , produced and arranged by Angela is her statement that if we work together we can make a change. 

Angela who is also living a healthy vegan lifestyle has been touring all summer and in a few weeks will be sharing her list of her favorite vegan restaurants across the country. A must read for those who travel often and still desire to eat healthy. 

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Say Yeah

Produced by Angela Johnson

Written by A. Johnson, Published by Jobo Music (ASCAP)

Lead Vocals by Angela Johnson, Additional Lead Vocals by Darius Booker. Background Vocals by Angela Johnson, Lisala Beatty, Tiffany T’zelle Wilson & Darius Booker.

All Keys & Organ by Angela Johnson,

Drums by Gintas Janusonis,

Guitar by Wes Mingus,

Bass by Jonathan Maron,

Percussion by Ernesto Abreu.

Horns Arranged by Angela Johnson: Trumpet by Pam Fleming, Tenor Sax by Jenny Hill, Trombone by Buford O’Sullivan, Baritone Sax by Lauren Sevian.

Recorded by Angela Johnson @ Estrogen Studios Newark, Craig Dreyer @ Mighty Toad Studios Brooklyn& Diko Shoturma @ Atlantic Sound Studios Brooklyn. Mixed by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo @ Virtue & Vice Studios Brooklyn.

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“I want music to open something within me, to touch something few have seen, or reach something intangible in you…This is the record I’ve worked the hardest on. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this project. I never thought I could be pushed this far as a producer, singer, songwriter, and arranger. There was so much relying on me, and to see how it came forth; I am so proud of it. I really went outside the box with this album. I don’t want to say this is my masterpiece, but if I died tomorrow this would be it. This was the record I’ve longed to make.”
— Angela Johnson

Something magical happens when a woman arrives and stops being afraid of the resonating fullness of her power and the potential impact of her voice. It can take a while for it to happen, decades even. But, when that internal click happens, that freeing moment in her life when she embraces the magnificence of her flawlessly flawed mind, body, and gifts, new levels of inner peace and creativity are achieved and it’s a thing of wonder to behold. After nearly 20 years in the music industry, such a moment has finally happened for triple threat singer/songwriter/producer Angela Johnson, the First Lady of Purpose Music Group. No longer the girl next door or the superwoman who thought she had to be super to be extraordinary, here is Angela Johnson unfiltered, unvarnished and definitely un-bossed. The title of her sixth solo album, Naturally Me, says it all.

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