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By Chioma of Next Vanity

You can tell when a woman feels sexy. She walks a certain way. She talks a certain way. She runs her own fingers through her hair. That confidence and poise shines through and attracts other people.

I love to talk about hair and how it’s connected to our thoughts and feelings. Can your hairstyle make you feel sexy? Can your hair experience ignite feelings of sexiness? Or does sexy start within and does your hair play a supporting role?

We can learn about sexy hair by looking back at classic movies. Sexy hair behaved a certain way. It covered one eye in mystery. It kissed the neck just right. It bounced and moved in a soft and caressing way. The sexy hair of today still holds
true but has expanded to include hair that is short and sharp, hair that is bunned
or bobbed and hair that is coiffed just for you according to your desires.

The way that we see ourselves is so important. For some it’s just having that
brand-new do. For others it’s very specific; it’s a color, a cut. It may even be a
specific time in ones life – your freshman year in college, your wedding day, or
maybe through pregnancy and motherhood. In my years of experience, I have
obviously heard and seen it all. I can definitely remember some very specific hair
changes that I have experienced in my life that has made me feel my sexiness.
Let’s talk about some of those changes.


Your Sexy Look

Let’s start with color. The claim is: blondes have more fun. Is it true? A color change can do so much to the human psyche. It’s very similar to the way that the seasons change. In fact, I have found this natural instinct to be the biggest reason women drastically change their hair color. When the weather changes, our moods change. Normally when the weather starts to get warmer, I get many requests to go lighter. It’s usually quite the opposite when it starts to get cold. My clients often want to tone light hair down or darken their hair color when it starts to get cold.

Have you ever talked to a natural blonde about how the color has changed since he or she was younger? I hear this all the time. It’s certainly not specific to blondes. Similar conversations happen when discussing texture – curl patterns, length, etc. My clients always reminisce over the hair from their youth. Well it makes sense. Who doesn’t want to feel young again? I am yet to meet a client who has not started a statement about their hair with, “man, when I was younger my hair was so…!” That is usually the time when men and women like their hair the most, though it might not be appreciated at the time. So youth is the texture, color and thickness that chemists are still trying to put in a bottle. And we’re all drinking from that fountain of youth to feel good and sexy.


Your Sexy Salon Experience

Going to a salon or spa for any reason tends to stir up all kinds of wonderful feelings. So many men and women have said that a good hair cut and/or style is EVERYTHING. They feel confident and attractive even before they get dressed. I have asked my clients if they have any thoughts as to what this is attributed to and the answers I get are very interesting. Some clients vote that the shampooing process is key. When you are in my chair receiving a shampoo service, it is so relaxing. It is not rushed or abrasive. During the conditioning service, a scalp massage is given before the hair is combed through and the conditioner washed out. So people like the feeling of
pampering and the opportunity for sweet escape. Closing your eyes and releasing every worry into the sink is a cleanse and can allow for other positive feelings to rise to the surface.  For others, it the style. Being done and polished is an art. The moment you turn towards the mirror you are transformed. You can suddenly stand up straighter, speak with more confidence and hold your head up high.



Showing Sexy through Creativity

I’m a creative so it comes naturally. It’s simple for me to just add a flower to my pulled back bun or a piece of hair jewelry that blings for the night out on the town with my husband. I always consider what makes me feel good about the way that I look and the decision that I make. I have found it important to be able to transform and transition my creativity according to how I feel. As a rule, I stay away from looks that look really good on other people but leave me feeling self-conscious. My personal strategy is simple: Confidence is key to taking any look to the next level.

You can be creative too. Take your simple hairstyle to the next level. Remember, a ponytail can be straight, crimped, wavy or curled. There are at least six different areas on the head where it can be worn. Even a bun can go from smooth and sleek, or constructed with your own natural curls. It can be worn as a topknot or high kinky puff. You might prefer the low or side pony in the texture of your choice. Either way, find a small statement piece that compliments your look. You can collect those things that are especially yours and create a signature that makes you feel sexy and confident. It may be a special flower, barrette, headband, scarf or jewelry that says – I am beautiful, sexy, confident and authentically me!

Authenticity. Now that’s sexy

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