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Guests arrived at The Farm, the country-chic workspace sprinkled with hipster millennials, clinging to their coats with a bit of bewilderment. Could this really be an oasis in the middle of the city? Four massage chairs, two manicure stations, a lip bar, food AND cocktails! She Knows Now successfully created a space for on-the-go women to #comechill and learn how to breathe…that’s right, learn how to really breath.


Angela Hanna, from The Art of Living, sat down with Heart & Soul Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Anita Kopacz, to discuss and demonstrate the power of taking care of yourself- especially how breathing can truly enhance well-being. The conversation ranged from how to calm your nerves to what type of breathing exercises enhances intimacy. She Knows Now founder, Tiffany Hardin, sat in the back of the audience like a proud Mama.


She Knows Now launched in February of 2015 by branding and entertainment entrepreneur, Tiffany Hardin, as a passion project of her consulting firm, Gild Creative Group, in response to the lack of positive media online and on television of women. The purpose of She Knows Now is to promote positive message and images of women across media, and nurture community through storytelling. They manifest this missions through the Archive, Blog, Events, Podcasts* and Mini-Documentaries*.


She Knows Now believes that sharing empowered stories can spark the Hero’s Journey in us all. Thus cultivating a more compassionate, confident, informed, and universally connected world.


They are storytellers, content providers, and connectors making the narrative around “women’s empowerment” available for everyday living for everyone.


“She Knows Now is all about sharing empowered stories from confident women across industries.  We do this because we understand that our real role models aren’t on traditional media, and representation is so important, especially for women.  Additionally, we build content offline to intimately nurture that spark that inspires, affirms, or motivates the Hero inside of each and every woman by offering resources, insight and tools.  That’s what tonight is about…  Helping women relax and tap into her inner-self by leveraging the power of mindful breathing techniques. These practices are crucial for optimal performance in everyday life. ” –Tiffany Hardin

All photos  Alex Tremitiere


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