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Signature Bride Special supplement coming this month

Signature Bride coming soon to  online,  print and in social media.


Many people do not place much thought to this word, but it is powerful in every form. From your personality-filled strokes on paper leaving a unique mark in ink to your one-of-a-kind and distinguished style that places a memorable experience in life and everyone who encounters it.


A moment in life that reveals a journey to a new womanhood filled with emotions, laughter, strength, courage and love.
It is a new chapter, that when a woman decides to embark on it, she encompasses the legacy of all powerful women that came before her. And as she steps into this role of Bride she brings along her tribe to assist her in the journey to marriage with support, understanding and guidance.   

Weddings today are designed with such detail and passion. Brides are planning their weddings to ensure not only are they unique, but they exhibit their personal signature. As there is no fingerprint alike, brides are ensuring that there are elements to their wedding that sets them apart from any other wedding their guests have ever experienced, while still ensuring the main traditions that are important to them are untouched. We call her the SIGNATURE BRIDE.

Slomique L. Hawrylo


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