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Sari Leigh of Anacostia Yogi

Before I’d ever heard of yoga, I was a shy little 11 y year old girl who loved to dance to Salt-N-Pepa. I would drop  my booty down low and  “push it real hard.  That is until one day my cousin bursts open the door laughing. Like  a typical 12 year old, he made fun of me. I didn’t care. I loved my private moments with myself. Secretly, I was also afraid to dance in public because I felt judged and ashamed of my body.
As an adult, I still battled  with accepting my uniqueness without fear.  Yoga helped me through the Dancer Pose.

The Emotional Effect
Dancer is a beautiful pose that helps  you to liberate your individuality. There is no perfect way to do the pose, everyone who tries dancer will look different. And that is the whole point. The more I practiced, the more comfortable I became with my uniqueness. I stopped trying to be a square in a round hole. I started to carve my own hole that fit me perfectly. Dancer Pose taught me to lift up and honor my body.

5 Steps to get in to Dancer Pose
1.    Stand straight and knees hips with distance apart
2.    Open your right palm, with your right thumbs furthest away from your leg
3    Keeping left hand reaching forward, slightly bend the left leg, lift right leg into right hand
4.    Inhale and lightly push your right foot  into your right hand lifting your body high
5.    Inhale and try to keep the hips from opening to wide. Exhale and feel the joy of the dance.

The Physical Effect
Dancer Pose will tone the thighs, loosen the spine and tighten your lady lumps. You’ll also feel a great stretch along quads and hamstrings of opposing legs. Always complete the pose with a forward bend or to balance out the contraction on the spine and lower back.

The Spiritual Effect
Dancer pose is designed to celebrate the connection between our inner pulsations and the greater beat of the God. I knew deep down that my rhythm was never wrong and shameful. I just needed a little yoga  to help me choreograph my own life.
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Photos by Wanakhavi Wahkisi
Makeup: Michanna Murphy

All material by Sariane Leigh

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