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Spot Moves: Abs, Butts, and Thighs On A Ball

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Spot Moves: abs, butts and thighs on a ball

Ball Crunch Move 1

Ball Crunch
•Sit on a fitness ball with your feet
flat on the floor hip-width apart.
•Walk the ball forward until your lower back is supported.
•Your chest should be above
knee level.
•Pull your navel in toward
your spine.
• Rest your head on your
fingertips and let your
elbows fall to the side.
• Contract your abs, bringing your ribcage closer to your hipbones.





Ball Pike

Ball Pike Move 2

• Rest your hips
on the ball.
• Walk forward with your hands until your shins are on top of the ball.
• Keep your back straight and abs tight as you bend your hips and pull your knees toward your chest.

Ball Pike Roll 2B





Hamstring Hover

Hamstring Hover Move 3A

• Lay on the
floor with the
ball under
your feet.
• Raise your
hips off the floor.
• Dig your heels into the “north pole” of the ball.

• Bend your
knees and use
your heels to
pull the ball
toward your

Hamstring Hover Move 3B
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