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Standing Next to God

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By Tracey Moore

On November 23, 2013, my son Myles was struck by a car after taking his cousin back to her dorm in Manhattan. When I arrived to Kings County Hospital with his Dad and Stepmother, Myles was in extreme critical condition with no internal injuries, a fractured right leg however the traumatic brain injury was the major concern. The news was devastating and life­ changing. There is nothing in our lives that prepares us for these “life interruptions”. I relied on the only power I knew, prayer. I rounded up all my “prayer warriors” and we bonded in faith that Myles would make a miraculous recovery. The Doctors were convinced based on their knowledge and experience that Myles would be a vegetable and semi conscious for the rest of his life. I was not.

Myles was in a coma for seventeen days, thirty­ five days in the hospital then he was transferred to NYU Rusk for fifty-one days. Through a daily rehab schedule, Myles had to relearn how to talk, walk and function in the world again. It was a very humbling experience to witness how in our daily lives we take things for granted. I had a new view of life and appreciation through Myles’ eyes. On February 20, 2014, Myles walked out of NYU Rusk Institute. He was suppose to graduate May of 2014 from Poly Prep in Brooklyn however because of the traumatic brain injury, we had to find a school that supported his needs. He was able to graduate in May 2015 from Brandon Hall in Atlanta, Georgia. Myles continues to make incredible strides in his health that the doctors cannot explain.


Throughout this journey, I have prayed and kept the only vision I believed in my heart, Myles was coming home. I never lost sight of that truth.

After returning home, Myles was challenged with his new life and the fact that his friends had moved on to college. We looked through the Facebook updates that I had done with daily posts on his progress and comments from friends. Hundreds of people were following Myles’ story already! I reached out to a dear friend and colleague, Oronde Giddings, to produce the film with us. Myles came to recognize the miracle he was and decided to share his story in the documentary “Standing Next to God” about his recovery from traumatic brain injury.

We started a GoFundMe to assist us in the final editing stages to complete this inspiring and encouraging film about faith and love.


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