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Take a look at our 25th Anniversary issue with Sharon Leal

Embrace and celebrate who you are! It’s become a movement. That is the theme that many women have entered into this year. It’s so refreshing and liberating to see more and more women, especially women of color uniting, celebrating and owning every aspect of themselves.

In this issue, we have Sharon Leal embracing her flawless beauty. She definitely has a refreshing youthful spirit that makes her look ageless. And she’s certainly not apologizing for it. And neither would I.

Another thing, I am witnessing are women opening their minds about without feeling ashamed or embarrassed is exploring their sexual energy. I was so thrilled and intrigued when the women from La Societe Secrete helps us dive into unveiling some of the mysticism of sex energy. It was so juicy, we had to divide it into two parts. So don’t miss out on the next issue.

On that note, many women who haven’t tapped into their sexual energy, can sometimes equate sex with love, and forget love is an inside job. And although, I believe spiritual wellness is so key to learning how to love ourselves. There are also many other ways, we can showcase loving ourselves, both internally and externally. Wasidah Francois shared some really simple tips in this issue. I hope you will begin to do and experience these tips for yourself.

And least but not least, this year Heart & Soul Magazine celebrates twenty five years. So, I’m really excited to see, how much we as a team, also continue to embrace this new year of women really opening up and expressing their heart and soul without any apologies!

With Love,

Daphne Espinal

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