Timbuk Fitness

Basketball Camp

By Erin Jones

African dance has exploded into the fitness industry in the form of Timbuk Fitness. This unstoppable, uplifting, heart-pounding movement and cardio dance, will leave dancers energized and glistening with sweat. Timbuk, which celebrates African ancestry through both music and dance, also uses the medium of movement to preach transformation and wellness.

Hailing from the Ivory Coast, choreographer and creator, Diadjé Bathily, boasts 30 years of international dance experience. He and co-founder, Rachel Armstrong, a visionary fitness professional, first collaborated in 2012 to form Timbuk. While drawn from the traditional dances of many African countries, the routines are accessible to participants of all skill levels without compromising the beauty of the cultural heritage. The intensity of the cardio and the body-sculpting motions are masked by the infectious combination of music and dance.

Basketball Camp
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