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My Transition To A Vegan Lifestyle

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By Jasmine Knight

On the evening of January 9th, 2016, while my 6-month old daughter slept and my 10-year old son played with his legos; I cleaned house.  I went through my kitchen and threw away all the meat and any animal-based processed foods into a huge garbage bag.  That day I decided my family would become vegans.  I’ll never forget the bewildered looks I received from my neighbors when the bag ripped as I was dragging it up the stairs.  Food spilled everywhere!  I’m sure they were thinking I’ve completely lost my mind.  Maybe they were right because I didn’t have a plan, but I did a ton of research and I knew that this was the best option for us.  Why?  Because I was fed up with constantly being sick, fluctuating weight, painful menstrual cycles, raging hormones, and losing my family members to cancer.  I decided without delay to go cold turkey (no pun intended).

The next morning, January 10th, my decision began to register with me.  Because of my poor planning, I only had a few ingredients in my pantry to prepare breakfast.  So, I did what any other nonconventional mother would do…I grabbed my phone and started a Pinterest search.  That search led me to an oatmeal pancake recipe, which turned out to be our first vegan meal.  Afterwards, my kids and I drove to the local grocery store and picked up a ton of fruits, veggies, and plant-based products for the week. I didn’t have a meal-plan.  I didn’t know how I would handle the kid’s lunch that week, but I knew that we were moving in the right direction.

I am so proud of my growth and self-discipline.  Society makes it very hard for a person to choose a vegan lifestyle with a fast food restaurant on every corner.  I could have easily picked up a happy meal on nights when I was too tired from working and studying to cook a meal.  I could’ve dropped into my neighborhood American Deli and ordered a 10-piece lemon pepper wing fried hard and wet.  I could’ve indulged in my co-workers deviled eggs at our Christmas party, but instead I chose humanity and health over my cravings.

A year later and I’ve never regretted my decision.  Not only am I healthier, but I am less tired and less hormonal.  My menstrual cramps are non-existent and my iron levels are normal for the first time in my adult life. Have you ever thought about all those hormone injections that we consume from animal meat?  My vegan lifestyle has detoxed me of all those hormones and my consciousness is vibrating on a higher frequency.  I am not the same woman I was last year.  I have reversed my way of eating, which has unconditioned my mind.  This is my way of loving myself and returning that love to the universe.  It’s been a remarkable year and an amazing journey and I would encourage anyone to make the transition.  Your body will thank you.

Jasmine Knight is a Lifestyle Blogger and Self-Love Mentor residing in
Atlanta, Georgia.

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3 Comments on My Transition To A Vegan Lifestyle

  1. Could you please write some more articles that would specifically share what you did? If you could even include your missteps and all would be great!! I’m sure there are thousands like me who are extremely interested and would love to follow your journey!

  2. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad it worked out for you! As a long time vegan I never looked back. With two kids I found that meal planning is crucial, not just to avoid mess or disorganization, but also to follow and ensure proper nutrient intake. Following a vegan diet for me is following a lifestyle that is fair to me and all others around me.

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