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 By Big Lez

First of all, give yourself props for getting up off the couch and getting in at least 20 minutes of cardio. Have you become a creature of habit? If you’re ready to switch it up, then let’s go!



Always begin with a 5-minute low cardio warm- up and stretch.
Never step directly on the belt of the treadmill,
   straddle the machine by stepping on the sides
   and holding the handles.
Always know where your RED stop button and
   emergency cords are located.
Learn where you are on the heart rate chart
   (usually located on the treadmill) for best results
   toward your fitness goals.
Know how to take your pulse (heart rate) on the
   machine apparatus as well as by hand for best
Remember the handrails are for balance, not
Test the speed of the belt by holding the
   handles and using one foot only to feel the
   pace. Start with a low speed, and then increase
Be sure to stop if dizziness, nausea or discomfort occur.


First, ask yourself
these questions……

Have I really challenged myself during my workout?

Do I know how to do more than run or walk on the treadmill?
Do I change how long I ride the treadmill?
Do I flirt with raising the intensity?
Do I dare go longer than 20 minutes?
Have I thrown in an extra day?
Is it difficult for me to workout without music or a magazine? 

If you’ve answered “NO” to most of these  questions, then I guess you know why you haven’t seen your desired results. If you’ve hit a plateau and suddenly the achievements have stopped, then it’s time to flip a switch & step your game up.
Get ready because I’m about to introduce  you to your inner athlete and take you to higher heights. Here are 4 “TRICKS OF THE TREAD” that will change your life & your body




Basketball Camp
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