People Helping Each Other

TWIN SOULS: Michael and Gillian White

People Helping Each Other

“Every day, do something
for the future and once you’re done with that,
live in the moment.”
-Michael and Gillian White


By Christyna Pourhabib
Photos: Kem West


The uniting of two twin souls is how Michael Jai White describes his relationship with long time best friend and life partner, Gillian White. Their dedication to one another is showcased through their daily lives and their deep and unwavering connection is undeniable. They jokingly describe themselves as being “attached at the hip,” and their synchronized laughter definitely supports this notion. Michael and Gillian, not only move as a unit in their relationship, but they also mirror one another’s belief in being at the peak of health. With Michael’s background in mixed martial arts and Gillian’s involvement in sports, specifically basketball, this dynamic duo has always been invested in healthy living and constant progression of self.

Whether they are working on cardio in their outdoor gym, or heading to the gym together at night, Michael and Gillian are determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle together. Michael begins his daily workout a little earlier than Gillian, but once she completes her morning errands, you can find them both suiting up for their training session. Michael trains Gillian in martial arts and kickboxing and describes her as an “incredible student,” due to her athletic background and mental edge. Motivated to look good and kick ass, Gillian devotes her complete attention to this daily training session and has even been known to throw one or two deadly kicks Michael’s way.

TWIN SOULS: Michael and Gillian White

Gillian and Michael are not the only ones in their family invested in health and fitness. In fact, they are part of a family of runners and enjoy sprinting with their children. They focus on a specific track workout called wind sprints, in which they run at full speed for 100 meters in various intervals. By doing this, they burn calories and build core muscles in their legs, glutes and abs. As the cook of the family, Gillian also provides the proper fuel for her husband and children. Most of their home cooked meals include grilled chicken breast or white fish, sautéed spinach and brown rice. “These may sound like boring meals, but it’s all about the way you prepare it. Try different sauces and seasonings,” Gillian explains. Being healthy is a lifestyle for this family and by eating healthy and partaking in vigorous, yet advantageous workouts, they have unlocked the doors to pursue their full potential. “Your body is the only possession you truly have. Invest time in that possession, not only for yourself, but for your dependents,” Michael says.

Michael and Gillian are devoted to uplifting others and highlighting the importance of finding the proper balance in every area of life. Working out requires a certain level of discipline, but once your actions become a habit, it will no longer be an act of discipline. As a result, taking care of your body will develop into a habit, rather than a chore. “We have gone through generations thinking that we are less than. We have to know that we are worthy of being our best and looking our best,” Michael stresses. Most of us haven’t been taught the proper ways to take care of our bodies, but Michael and Gillian believe that we should all seek out this information and practice healthy habits.

Michael and Gillian are determined to be the best versions of themselves as they remain committed to one another and consistently strive to be at the peak of health. As they unwind in their Jacuzzi and talk about their day together, they can be viewed as a living model of complete and total happiness. Michael and Gillian are definitely reaping the benefits of their hard work and dedication!


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